Monday, November 30, 2015

Scrapbooking with sketches 01

I have a post up at the WCS blog today as we start a weekly theme about sketches. I wanted to share it here too!

For me, sketches are a great help to get started with a project. I first had a hard time with them and it would usually help me to see a finshed layout to be able to either lift it and/or be inspired by it. But the more I scrapbooked the more confident I became in my own style and then I thought it was eaiser to use sketches. 
When I first started to prepare for this week, I thought I´d maybe make a few sketches myself. But then I stumbled over the Big Picture class Start with a sketch and Jen Chapin share so many fun sketches. I just picked two of my favorites! I´ll share one now and one a little later this week. Note: This is not the sketch from the class! I have done one based on the sketch.

Here is the first sketch I picked out. It jumped out at me because it uses the elements I usually would use on a layout. A very linear design with the option to use more than one photo is what appeals to me. 


Here is what I did with the sketch! Since I don´t scrapbook in a 12x12" size I didn´t print my photos in squares, but rather 3x4" so it would work with my 8.5x11" size. As you can see I opted to use two photos instead of using all four slots. I think it would be fun to do a series or perhaps family photos too. Instead I used patterned papers for two of the slots. For this layout I had some longer journaling that would not fit on the actual page, so I did what I usally do when I end up with this "problem"; I typed the journaling out and just tucked it behind the layout in the page protector. 


Jennifer H also played with the sketch and I love her page! Using tape for the photos just makes me happy! And I love that she has those colors pop out from the top and bottom. 

Ok, so feel free to get inspired and if you do anything with the sketch please share in the comments so I can come see it!

Have a great day! 

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Pocket Letters | Recent + what I like to put in the backpockets

The Pocket Letter project have continued and I swap them regularly with friends. I have played in 2 different themed swaps; one Christmas theme and the other a winter theme. It was really fun and made it a little easier for me to decorate the pockets. 

Just last week I got this Pocket Letter above from my friend Kate. I thought it was fun and clever to make it about me. A sort of presentation of me through her eyes.

I also thought it would be fun to share the backside of the pockets too. It might inspire someone what to put in there!

I mostly add washi tape, bits and pieces such as lables and stickers, Wood veneer and small embellishments.

Often I put tea bags and/or chocolate too :) 

Do you Pocket Letter? Tell me all about it!

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

WCS | Mixing patterns

Note! This post was written for WCS.

When we came up with this week´s theme: mixing patterns, I hesitated for a second. Seeing that my last pages have exactly 1 patterned paper in between them, you can say that I am a bit challenged with them. But then again, I do love a good challenge! So mixing patterns it is! 
As I mentioned before, I am not big on using many patterned papers on my pages. But when I do, I rarely use them as backgrounds (even if it has happened!). I rather use my circle punch to get smaller pieces of the papers. Today I want to show you two ways I like to mix patterns (read: use patterned papers) on my pages. 

As much as I love the warmth and sunshine of summer, I do love the first frost. So, ofcourse I wanted to make a page about that! For my page I have used, wait for it, SIX different patterned papers! Yay! I used the papers that came in my Gossamer Blue Christmas kit for the letters of my title. I love how they went great with the wooden pattern of the paper I used as my mat. 

Again, I handcut the letters and it doesn´t bother me if they are uneven or anything. I usually use my craft knife to rough up the edges after cutting them too. 

This page shows just how many patterned papers my creative mind can handle on one page! Ha! I dived into my scrap paper bin for this one. This is a great way to use up all those pieces that are leftovers from other projects that I always save. I used the photo as my color scheme and added the aqua because it goes so well with red. So I cut all my strips and lined them up in the order I wanted and added a piece of tape to the back so that I only needed to adhere one bigger piece and not every strip indivdually. I am really pleased with how it turned out!

How about you? Are you a patterned paper lover? Do you hoard pretty paper or actually use them? Please tell me in the comments!

Monday, November 2, 2015

WCS | November gallery

Happy Monday and happy November! I am sure you are as shocked as me to find a new month upon us so soon! As you know that the start of a new month also means a new gallery on the Write Click Scrapbook blog and the theme this month is "Hungry, anyone?" This theme is right up my alley living with a professional chef and all :)

I created this page. First I wrote that great quote ontop of the page. It did take two tries to get it the way I wanted :) I then added my photo to know where to place all my tags. Journaling on my typwwriter and I also added a few stamps that are from Studio Calico and the finishing touch were the wood veneer. I wrote about how we alway make sure we eat good food every day and how much we enjoy it. I always say I met my fiancé 20 kilos ago ;)

Now go check out the rest of the gallery!

Ps. I am up on the WCS blog tomorrow again with my mini team blog week!

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Lisa´s paper goods | Circle embellishments

I wanted to share a few new items in the shop

These  are cute circle paper embellishment sets. They are easily used with a 3D foam square on the back. I have made a few sets. This one above is the everyday set with words that would pair perfectly with an everyday kind of scrapbooking page or in your Project Life album! The colors are clear and saturated for a great look.

The yellow  set is ofcourse an autumn set. I don´t know about you, but I always tend to reach for my yellow and orange papers this time of year. 

Here are just a few ways I have used the circle embellishments myself. I keep a Project Life album and these are so easy to just attach to the outside of a pocket.

Here is another look where I have used the autumn set I mentioned above. 
I love how these add a pop of color to any spread!

I hope you´ll come on over and take a look in the shop

Friday, October 23, 2015

Project Life 2015 | New size, again

At the start of this year I started using a new album and pocket page size. I had been doing Project Life in an A4 size for three years and was excited for a change. Up until after the summer I was happy with the change. Then I started thinking about how I missed having room for random photos and current events. I pondered about it for a while and then came to the conclusion that I needed to go bigger again. So I bought a pack of trading card plastic pockets that I usually use for my Pocket Letters and decided to use them. 

I had a summer album and then started my third album of the year in September. So, I just moved over those first weeks of spreads in the third album over to a A4 binder and continued with the bigger pages in there.

The pockets are smaller than 3x4" so this requires trimming down each card and photo, but that
doesn´t bother me. I love how I can use many/all photos if I want. And perhaps also use bigger photos on a whole page at some time. 

I´d like to challenge myself to use more journaling as I usually dream of. We´ll see about how that works out for me since the words are always a struggle.

I am happy with the new size and look forward to flipping through the album at the end of the year reviewing how I will continue.

Happy Friday!

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

140 happy things in 140 days

75 somewhat days ago I started a happiness project on my Instagram that I call 140 happy things in 140 days. When I started it was 140 days until Christmas and I thought that would be a good goal day. In my first post I asked if anyone would like to join in and there were several people who thought it was a good idea! As of right now our hashtag #140happythingsin140days has 560 posts! Isn´t that great! 

Above you can see a few of my posts. I share big things I am happy about, like having a garden to take care of. And small things, like having a lazy day with sunshine. Just thinking about the list of happy things makes me excited! 

The plan is to somehow compile all the photos into some sort of album. I haven´t yet decided on the format. I haven´t decided if this is something I will do again after the 140 days are up either. But as it feels right now, I am totally ready for something like this again.

Wanna join in? Check out the hashtag  #140happythingsin140days for more info!