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Studio Forty CT | Two quick layouts

Hi there! A while back I made two quick pages in my TN with Studio Forty products and I thought I´d share them here today!

For this first layout I used my watercolors to make a background. It is one of my favorite ways to play with watercolors! I don´t use a ton of mixed media in my scrapbooks but a little color is always fun!

I use a few different ways to watercolor a background. This time I used my acrylic stamping block. I just painted with a few different shades of green on the block and then pressed it down on my page. I did this a few times until I was saticfied with the shades. Try it, it´s fun!

Be sure you let it dry before you stamp or write on it!

For this page I used the YAY stamp from the Wow coffee set. It is so fun! I knew I wanted the stamp as my title so I made sure it aligned right under my photo.

I also wanted to quickly reveal how I do my journaling whenever I want to write straight into my TN. Since the text is the last thing I add on my layouts I wouldn´t want to …
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Studio Forty CT | Flower love

Hello! Here is a simple page I did in my TN I made a while ago for Studio Forty. I love to make patterns with stamps and this time I used the beautiful New beginning stamp set!

I usually stamp with my black ink for almost everything, but for this project I chose to use a light baby pink color. I thought that using a lighter color would work well for a softer pattern.

One of my favorite ways to use stamps is to repeat the same stamp over and over again, and that is exactly what I did here. When I stamp patterns I usually have a scrap paper under the paper where I am stamping so that I can stamp on the edges too. I really like it when not all the stamps are whole, but more offset.

I wanted this page to just be a simple one and I had no real story that I wanted to tell. Instead I looked for a quote about flowers that would go good with the rest of my page. Pinterest is my go to place for most inspiration and I had this one in my Words I love board. I wanted the stamped patterned paper to n…

Studio Forty CT | Fun times

I don´t know about you, but I am loving the latest Snapchat filters! We often snap eachother funny photos and have a laugh. With that, I have quite a few Snapchat photos to scrapbook. 

I knew I wanted to use some of the yummy stickers that are in the shop! I like to go through the products I have whenever I start a project and select the ones I want to use.

I´m going with these label stickers this time. I really like labels! They can be used for so many different projects, right!

I wanted to use one of the big tags that I got from the shop. They come plain in different colors and I wanted to make some kind of background. I went with the purple label stickers and put them on the tag on the edges, cut them of and then used the other half on a different place on the tag. I love how it turned out! And also that I didn´t have to use any glue since they are stickers! 

I usually put some thread in the hole on the tag. I use embroidery thread my grandmother left me when she passed away. And h…

Studio Forty CT | Do you like coffee?

I like my coffee, I really do. So I take quite a few coffee photos and I like to add them to my scrapbooks. Today I´ll show you a very simple way that I used that circle stamp up in the photo above to make it work for my coffee shot. Let´s go!

When I was going through my supplies I saw that if I just covered up the heart portion of this stamp It could look like the rings that my cup makes when I spill my coffee. At first I thought I would use my trusted black ink, but I really wanted to make the rings look like coffee, so I got out a light brown ink pad and started working. 

I do like the result if I do say so myself! 

I have wated to use that wrapped banner stamp forever, but haven´t had the right idea until now. So I used it to hold that cute coffee stamp. Doesn´t it look festive?! I also thought about stamping that cute coffee cup, but ended up using the die cut from this pack instead.

So, do you like coffee?

Memory keeping | My hybrid process

For as long as I can remember I am have been a hybrid scrapbooker. What is hybrid you ask. Well, for me hybrid is a mix between digital scrapbooking and physical. I often use digital products in my memory keeping but I am not at all a digital scrapbooker.  I do however use digital tools a lot. I use Word for journaling and to print out cards for my Project Life spreads. Often I buy sets of digital elements and make my own cards using the elements. For this you could use Photoshop, but I don´t have that so I use the online tool Pic Monkey  for all my digital needs. I can change colors on digital stamps and add elements to cards for example and edit photos ofcourse. 
For my Project Life spreads that I make every week, I have bought and downloaded a few kits with about 35 cards in each set. I love to have them digitally because I can just print out as many as I´d like and I can also alter them a little if I´d like as I mentioned above. I know many people who also type their journaling on t…