Thursday, October 30, 2014

October Re-scrap | The finished pages

Welcome to my October Re-scrap post! Back in the beginning of the month I announced that my long time project was making a comeback. Today I am sharing the new 10 layouts I have made!

In this image above you can see the sketches of the 10 older pages that I choose for this project. Below you see the older page on the left and the new one on the right!

A few of these pages have become my favorites. This is one of them. I printed the words to the song Try by colbie caillat on cardstock and made sure to leave room for the photo. I then added washi tape as a photo mat before adhering the photo of my daughter. The photo has been edited to black and white, and I also added a digital overlay in the Rhonna Designs app. 

I have made several layouts in this size this year. It's half of a A4 (A5) so it would be almost a 8x6" page. I have them in my regular scrapbooking album with my other full size pages. I like the format!

This page is clearly a little bit different from the older layout and sketch. Instead of using patterned paper to mat everything, I first used a pen to draw a rectangle. Then added the punched circles. I wanted it to look like a rectangle even when I erased the pencil lines. 

This is also one of my favorite sketches! It can be used over and oversince it is so simple. I rarely use other colors than white for my background, but I like the green against the orange pumpkins.

Oh, crap I love all of these pages! Ha ha

Here is another new favorite. I used this page and the Re-Scrap project in a recent WCS post on recycling a good design. 

I wanted to use this vertical 4x6" photo for one of the pages. I chose this sketch since it is a vertical design. That joournaling card is actually the back of a postcard from Cocoa Daisy!

I loved being able to focus on the stories I wanted to get down while I worked on this project. I always have a running list of stories I like to scrapbook and it is always a great feeling to check one of those of the list! For most of these pages I have told the small stories. For example this one above is about how Stella (our kitten) loves to go grab a special hat she adopted as her own out of the closet. She is hilarious about it and struts down the hallway all proud of herself!

This is another good design for getting more photos on one layout!

Here is the last one, number 10! I chose to make it A5 also and I have a feeling this is going to be a go to size soon...

Wow, that was one image heavy post! I have loved this project and have decided to bring it back monthly next year and I am so excited!

Monday, October 27, 2014

Capturing Beauty | Week 3

Happy Monday and welcome to the third and last post where I share mine and Amy´s photos for week 3 of our photography project called Capturing Beauty. The prompt was night and my photos are on the left and Amy´s on the right. I love them. Again.

I have enjoyed this project and it has been interesting to see Amy's photos each week. It is so interesting to see how her eyes zoom in and find magic in ordinary things. I think you train that ability by taking photo after photo after photo. When you have the right "glasses"
on it's like a whole new world opens up!
I am happy we did this simple project! 

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Memory keeping | Creative Jumpstart 01

When Marcy Penner and Stephanie Bryan announced their new Creative Jumpstart challenges I decided to play along. The first one was to use both black and white - and color photos on the same layout. I used to use black and white photos all the time, but somehow it hasn´t happened nowadays. 

For my layout I used my color photo to make it stand out. As you can see it is the same photo in black and white and I like it repeated like this. Those are all printed as 3x4" photos.
I used a quote I found by Victoria Erickson that went very well with my journaling about anxiety and how I felt much better when I stopped and took a few photos on a bad afternoon. That is my way to remember how to breathe. I started with typing the title and quote at the bottom of the page and printed it before adding everything else. 

Thanks for stopping by today!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Art Journal Tuesday no7

I had really fun making this spread in my Art Journal! I started with white paint and while it began to dry, I made some tape transfers. It is an easy way to make transperencies. You take clear tape and put it over an image or pattern in a magazine and cut around the tape. Then you put it in a bowl of water for about 5 minutes. Then you can easily rub of the paper from the tape and left is a transperency of your image. 

While still a little bit wet, I placed the tapes on the white paint. 

The other fun part was to add paint to the entire spread! I am not a good painter, but it is very meditative to keep adding layers of paint to a page.
The very last thing I did was to add the white letters to a really good quote.

I feel that this is something I will do again!

Thanks for taking a peek!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Capturing beauty | Week 2 Noon

Happy Monday and welcome to the second post where I share mine and Amy´s photos for week 2 of our photography project called Capturing Beauty. The prompt was noon and my photos are on the left and Amy´son the right. I love them.

And again, I love them! 

This week is our third and last. We will be Capturing Beauty with night as our prompt.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Project Life 2014 | Week 39

I still had a few last lists from the #30lists project that went into this week´s spread. This time was one of my favorite with that project!

This spread was mostly done with the backside of cards I knew I wouldn´t use. I get PL cards in the A day in the life kit from Cocoa Daisy and I love most cards, but some is just not my style. I had saved up from a few kits and used just the back where there is usually these colorful frames and journaling lines. I am happy I found a way to use them!

I am happy that I did more journaling this week. I like to look back on that  and the last few weeks I felt in a journaling rut. 

I had an insert this week. We live on an island and our transportation to the mainland is 2 ferryboats. We have recently got a new fancy one (which is not totally working as supposed!) and we had our first autumn storm. Let´s just say it didn´t work out as it was planned to :) Anyway, I did a little mini layout on one side of the insert and then added a newspaper clipping to the back.

Have a great day and thank you for stopping by!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Art Journal Tuesday no.6

Here is another peek into my art journal! 

Sometimes we all need a little note to self, right?! I made this with my watercolors and it is addictive!