Thursday, January 29, 2009

i x 30

i am a girl
i love a boy
i love a girl
i work
i create
i cry
i laugh
i eat to much junk
i love the internet
i clean to reduce my anxiety
i collect angels
i love paper
i wear contact lenses
i can´t cook meat
i make a mean chocolate cake
i love to give
i think way to much
i am lazy
i love my job
i am almost 30
i would love to sell stuff i make
i wish i was an early riser
i should let loose more often
i want life to be like in the movies
i love stand-up comedy
i only wear comfy shoes
i love hugs
i am passionate about books
i love weekends
i want to sleep in everyday


  1. I loooooooove that I could have written that! LOL!

    XOXO Inge

    Live is good! Realy!


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