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playing around

yesterday was such a nice day out, the sun was out and the snow was melting and it almost smelled like spring was on it´s way. i took the dogs out for a walk on the fields and offcourse my camera was with me :)

then last night i found some inspiration to scrap a little.

the story: these two have such a love/hate relationship. with my non-trained eye they seem to get along great and the older one seems to have taught everything he knows to the little one. but then sometimes they seem to be fighting all the time...

the goods: not many products on this one. the dotted paper is from a paper pack i bought a long time ago, so long that i acctually don´t remember who makes it. the orange letter stickers are from SEI and the green ones are from american crafts i think. the buttons are from my vintage stash.

the story: my daughter has changed so much lately and i wanted to remember her right now, what is typecal for her now.

the goods: the patterned paper is amy butler paper and i love that paper…
ok, i am back, a year older and feeling fabulous!

and i scrapped too!

the story: a quick layout about the acctual party.

the goods: ok, i printed my photos both in 10 x 15 cm size with one containing 8 mini photos in my fabulous photoprinting program HP Image Zone :)
a great way to use lot´s of photos in one layout without making it seem cluttered.
the patterned paper is from American Crafts metropolitan line santa monica. the little butterfly was sent to me from the lovely Mel :)

the story: the best part of the party...the gifts ;)

the goods: the background paper was an acctual gift from that same party :) my mom got me these lovely textured papers from Art collection. i knew i wanted to use them at once. the small photos was printed as described above and i hand wrote the journaling and cut it to strips added some flowers and bling :)

ehum, i am not even going to write a story/goods for this one. it is way to simple for that and i am sure you all get the message :)

i wanted to show you t…


this was my gift from the whole family and my special lovely friend J. it is a Nikon DX D90 Oh my God! it takes such clear and wonderful photos! i am totally in love!
oh, and the hair was the news from the last post! i got my hair cut yesterday just for kicks. i decided i wanted to do it around 12 oclock and then 3,15 pm it was done :) my husband didn´t even know :) i love it and so did he! it is a little Posh styleish but much shorter in the back. lovely, i think! and i can cross of # 4 from the list!

ok, i have to go back to do some guest entertaining :)

happy friday and...

congratulations Elin on winning this weeks TOSGA!

eldh said...
Mitt bästa födelsedagsminne är nog när jag fyllde 25 o fyllde trädgården med massa vänner o familj, en riktig helkväll med firande som varade ända till natten!!! /Elin

7:59 AM

Email me your adress and the package will be on it´s way next week :)

i enjoyed reading all your birthday memories! i think mine was this last august when we threw a sleepover-birthday party for my daughter. it was so much fun!
i am so excited about my birthday and not just because it is the big 3.0 , i am always excited about my birthday :) my last one was celebrated in Holland with my very good friend J and my husband. Read all about that trip here. it was magical!
tomorrow my family are coming out having dinner and some cake and just hang out. my daughter has been keeping my present a secret since she found out about it this past christmas, she is a very good kid! i cannot wait to find out!

i hope that your friday is wonderful and full of laughter!


hello thursday

i bought some lovely yarn the other week and i have been making all sorts of good stuff with it! among others i have made these washclots and a long strip that we now can use to wash or backs with :) everything ordinary gets more fun with lovely colored yarn, don´t you agree?!

the story: i took some photos of my self when i was bored one day and i use one of them here to showcase how i like to spend my saturdays :) sleeping in, lots of bloglines, the best seat in the sofa, reality tv, junk food and a good movie at night :)

the goods: such a simple almost non product page. the orange letters are from SEI and are called ally+s wonderland. the letters above that are rub-ons from a making memories simply stated swatchbook. and then the top letters are from another rub-on swatchbook from creative café. the star tape i bought at a toystore here in sweden called BR. the tag is from TOGA.

the story: i wanted to remember and record things that are in my thoughts right now: my birthday, projects…

TOSGA (giveaway)

sitting here sipping on one of these...and thinking out a really good TOSGA aka Tuesday Old Stuff Give Away! since this is the last tuesday i will be able to tell people that i am still in my twenties...i turn 30 on sunday :)
this time the package will contain

* elsie flannigans book 52 scrapbooking challenges
* bits and pieces aka tags, stickers, paper stuff etc
* more bits & pieces of varation ;)

so, if you want to be in the drawing to win this package and you know you want to ;) leave me a comment below and share a favorite birthday memory!

oki doki i´ll leave you with my current flickr faves :)

1. B L I S S, 2. j o y, 3. Don't underestimate the value of Doing Nothing, of just going along, listening to all the things you can't hear, and not bothering., 4. summer sweetness, 5. 7 lords -a-leapin, 6. Untitled, 7. Savouring the Rain...., 8. a few of my favorite things, 9. el mundo pendiente de una señal, 10. Red paint., 11. 2009 ..per noi, una nuova avventura, 12. Regarding Happi…

scrapbooking update

hi, just a brief update here and more to come tomorrow with the next TOSGA!

the story: well, the photos are from our valentines day saturday. it was just such an amazing day that i wanted to remember it forever :)

the goods: i found these red heart doilies and they are so sweet. i added rhinestones to it and just adhered it to my page. the photos are printed here at home using WORD to resize them into this mosiac like format. the little heart at the bottom is first punched from Amy butler paper and then attached to a tiny bit of transperency and glued to the back of the layout.

the story: my daughter is in love :) i wanted to record this big event!

the goods: this layout is highly inspired by Jen Jockish layout here. i love her layouts and i wanted to try the "frilly" paper thing :) the papers are from the top ♥ Tilda ♥ ? ♥ Amy Butler
the second paper was a scrap i had but i can only guess that it is basic grey maybe?
i wrote my journaling on my old typewriter and cut it to stri…

a lovely day

i hope that you had a equally lovely day that we had today! the weather was perfect winter weather; snow but dry on the highway, cold but lovely sunshine! we woke up early to take the ferry to go to a nearby city. there we did some bubblebathing and sitting around in the steam sauna for a cuple of lovely warm hours. my husband didn´t know what to do with himself when i kept giving him small love notes with things that i love that he does for example take the dogs out at night when i just want to go to bed, he always carries my heavy bags etc. it made him blush :)

i also gave him the loveletter i wrote a few weeks ago and even though he looks quite angry (!) in the photo he was all smiles :)

we had then had a wonderful meal for lunch and it was awesome to just have as much time as we wanted to eat and talk and laugh.

and then while driving home nature made it all more beautiful...

now i am off to do some scrapbooking ♥

hello (normal) life

i am back! i am sooo happy that this is all over, because i absolutely hate having the stomach flu! yesterday when i did feel much better, my fingers started itching to make something :) so i printed some photos, did some journaling, jazzed a few papers up and that my friends is a little thing what we all call scrapbooking :)

the story: well, i thought it was time to make an update about our beloved lojals. they are all doing so good and are happy and healthy. i just jotted down their current age and what they are into right now.

the goods: i didn´t use that much product on this, but the paper is from panduro hobby (the link is to a uk site!). the small hearts are punched from this paper (one of my all time favorites!). the large letter stickers are american crafts remarks. and the fabulous long labels are from the containerstore´s site, you can choose from a few different designs.

the story: i have a big love and passion for bookshops. i love everything about them; books, knowledge, p…


sorry about my absence - but the yearly stomach flu has hit my body! the "good" thing is that i now almost can say my little body since i lost like 5 kilos in 2 days ;)

be back soon!

minibook & a mini mini layout

So i finsihed that minibook i was talking about in my last post. i used photos from my neices first birthday. the acctual "book" is made from page protectors that i first cut in half (2 photos per page)and then i used my sewing machine to sew the binding.

i used pages from this lovely cute baby book digital kit, as journaling pages inside the book.
Papers are from Panduro hobby.

And i threw this mini mini layout together just for fun. it is only about 6x4" :)

a post that i forgot i started...

hehe i just found this post in my edit area in blogger and well...i had forgotten all about it :) but it is nice to have a post all started and all!
so, i´ll just continue with it! the post title was originally this & that hence the list form.

1. a little gratitude project inspired by ali. i did my own sheets for each month where i will list one thing that i am grateful of each day.

2. february 1 was: sunlight...february 2 was light :) i crave light in my life!

3. planning to do some card gifts with these for my mother in law (she loves tulips!)

edited: i first thought of ordering cards from an online printer, but then i thought; Lisa, you are a crafty-kind-of-person you can do that yourself! i could :)

4. had a lovely time with my lojals aka the dogs sunday. we took a lovely walk in the sunshine over the fields down to the water.

5. i made a home for all my "30 lists" i have been doing and plan on doing the rest of the year in celebration of me turning 30 on february 2…