Saturday, February 7, 2009

a post that i forgot i started...

hehe i just found this post in my edit area in blogger and well...i had forgotten all about it :) but it is nice to have a post all started and all!
so, i´ll just continue with it! the post title was originally this & that hence the list form.

1. a little gratitude project inspired by ali. i did my own sheets for each month where i will list one thing that i am grateful of each day.

2. february 1 was: sunlight...february 2 was light :) i crave light in my life!

3. planning to do some card gifts with these for my mother in law (she loves tulips!)

edited: i first thought of ordering cards from an online printer, but then i thought; Lisa, you are a crafty-kind-of-person you can do that yourself! i could :)

4. had a lovely time with my lojals aka the dogs sunday. we took a lovely walk in the sunshine over the fields down to the water.

5. i made a home for all my "30 lists" i have been doing and plan on doing the rest of the year in celebration of me turning 30 on february 22nd! i have posted a few in previous posts.

6. i am working on a mini book for my neices with photos from their first birthday, i will be showing photos of that in my next post.

7. i trid to make a flickr mosaic of my latest favorites, but most of the photos didn´t show up in the acctual mosaic so i am just linking you up to my favorites here. i am loving all the happiness!

8. my plans for today is to take a long power walk with my staffs . have you tried them? you get a nice upbeat tempo with them while power walking.

9. i trid pilates thursday and oh my gosh am i soar today! but i am going back tuesday though :)

ok, i´ll be back soon!

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