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a little list


oh, man i would give a leg to be able to get one of these beautiful and magical videos...wouldn´t you?!


the story: my husband and his dog relaxing. i don´t think i have ever met a dog that loves his daddy like dixon loves his!

the goods: appel paper is from october afternoon and i cut it in a scalloped shape. and i dragged out my old labelmaker and had some fun! i think it will make it´s apperence more often in the future :)

the story: i love it when the first spring flowers show up!

the goods: not much going on just a few brads in heart shapes and flower shapes. and the typewriter was used to do the journaling.

cute pets:

sally relaxed in our new chair yesterday and i snapped a few photos :)

and here is what was going on out of the frame :)

awesome site:

real simple did a revamp of their site and i love it so much! i especially love the "new usues for old things" feature! there are a hundred really good and simple ways to use things for new purposes. brilliant! …

bits & pieces around the house today

so, i have these awesome new camera and i just need to use it :) this is what came out of that camera today.

in our hallway we have a season wall where i hang a new vintage almanackpage in a frame and add stuff related to the season on the little shelf.

lovely little vases are always cute and i love that we have springflowers in the garden!

a vintage postcard i bought in France lst year.


the side of the fridge is kinda full with this and that.

young love...

every home needs alittle paris :)

our new arm chair from IKEA.

i went thriftshopping saturday and found this tiny tin and WW bus :) they are so cute.

i would love to have one of these :)

pasta anyone?

how did you weekend look like?

happy happy friday!

first, thank you so much for your kind words about my room. i like it :)

i am so happy that friday has finally come! this week has been so busy at work and i really need a break :) tomorrow i am taking my dad into the city to do a tour de second-hand :) that makes me all happy every time.

i have a few things to share.
first, i scrapbooked again.

the story: on valentines day it was like the most beautiful winter day with cold weather, snow and sunshine! this photo was taken on our way back home at night.

the goods: i used the polroid tool on my computer to create the photo effect. other then that i only used plain squared notepaper and some brown/white string.

the story: i took the photo on a doggie walk on the fields on the 24th of february. i wanted to use it to record an ordinary day. i made a list on that day about things that we did on that day and just pulled out that list when i made the layout.

the goods: i used a sticky note that my friend suzanne sent me last year, some making …

a little tour

the lovely sweet mel asked if she could see some photos of my room where i do my crafting. sure!

i have my own room in our house to scatter all my stuff in :) when i first started scrapbooking i only had the dining room table and i had to put all the stuff away everynight. it had it´s perks; i was very organized! now when i can leave stuff out it get´s more messy. anyway, i have a closet where i have my un-altered stuff, you know like paper boxes that might be good to have someday and chipboard albums, yarn, sewing kit and so on. i am happy about it, because it holds lot´s and lot´s of things!

i used to have a standing up desk but then i changed it all up and now i am using this desk with drawers that we bought at a yard sale. in the white drawers i keep my cardstock in the top one and my cardstock scraps in the second. then the rest of the drawers are filled with embellishments like flowers, sequins, journaling tags etc. in the acctual desk drawers i keep paper die cuts in the top rig…

got my scraps on

ok, so how about this as a scrappy post, eh?!
i took a million shots during our weekend roadtrip to see my brother in law and sister in law, so i just had to scrap a few of them right away.

the story: here they are! i wanted to take some photos of the two of them infront of their appartment building door. they are the cutest :) and have the cutest vintage apartment!

the goods: photo mosaic made in word. paper from panduro hobby. some vintage string & buttons i found. the journaling were printed on my typewrtiter.

the story: we took a walk through their city center. it reminded me of amsterdam with the canal and lot´s of bikes!

the goods: i used the poladroid tool in my computer when i processed my photos. printed the journaling on my computer i used rockwell for the smaller font, uppsala is downcome, mysig is typewriter new roman, gammalt is Placard Condensed, nytt is Perpetua Titling MT and finally amsterdam is 2Peas old type. the circle stickers are from a swedish store called åhlén…

home, but on a scrapping mission...

we headed to visit my brother in law and his fiancé friday and stayed the weekend. now we are home, but i am planning to do some serious scrapbooking this afternoon, so i will be back with more then :)

how was your weekend?