Thursday, March 5, 2009

a little tour

the lovely sweet mel asked if she could see some photos of my room where i do my crafting. sure!

i have my own room in our house to scatter all my stuff in :) when i first started scrapbooking i only had the dining room table and i had to put all the stuff away everynight. it had it´s perks; i was very organized! now when i can leave stuff out it get´s more messy. anyway, i have a closet where i have my un-altered stuff, you know like paper boxes that might be good to have someday and chipboard albums, yarn, sewing kit and so on. i am happy about it, because it holds lot´s and lot´s of things!

i used to have a standing up desk but then i changed it all up and now i am using this desk with drawers that we bought at a yard sale. in the white drawers i keep my cardstock in the top one and my cardstock scraps in the second. then the rest of the drawers are filled with embellishments like flowers, sequins, journaling tags etc. in the acctual desk drawers i keep paper die cuts in the top right one, in the second i keep journaling cards, the third one holds my stickers and the last one has bits and pieces of everything :) the big drawer keeps my patterned paper, scraps and whole papers that i love at the moment, also stamps i use often.

i really have to get a better place for my "to-scrap" photos :) and the desk is not this clean like ever :)

i keep my pencils and pens, glue and smaller scraps on my desk where they are easy to reach.

ok, i also have a bookshelf. on the top half i have white baskets where i have paints and stamps in. i have a few inspirational books and my photopaper. i also store my necklaces and envelopes here. at the bottom of this photo you see where the albums start and another basket that holds this and that and my vintage button collection.

at the lower half i store my albums that i really have to jazz up a bit :) my printer paper and my sewing machine. i used to have that in the closet before, but now it is out in the open and i am more compelled to use it as it is so easy to take out.

i think that i need to have stuff out to use them. i tend to forget about stuff i have when they are stored. but i do love to look through my storage and discover those forgotten items :)

there you have it!


  1. I love your space, so cheerful! I just did a post on my space recently too...I love seeing where others create!

  2. wow what a great room, thank you so much for giving us a peak. I love how you keep things close at hand to your desk. I am going to do some organising and re-arranging today :)

  3. I really love to discover where people are creating... Your room seems very cool!
    I also shown my... desk in a past post ;)


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