Monday, January 21, 2013

Project Life | week 3

Week 3 and a blurry spread :)

Also a blurry shot of the first page, sorry :)
I used Geralyns weekly cards this week and I love that they add a little color to the spread. Monday started with a day off for a doctors visit and lunch with a dear friend.
I changed my FB relationship status to: single ;)
The rest of the week I was home with my daugter who was sick. We made smoothies and I just couldn´t go to sleep :(
I found a site through Pinterest that makes printable maps of various kinds. I used the watercolor effect for this map of the area in the city that I was visiting. It is supercool!

I have an insert this week where I talk about the fact that grocery shopping on the island is so much more expensive than taking the time to go into the city and make a good list. 

This is the back side of the insert where I saved the bills.

Page two.
I journaled a bit about how cold it has been this week.
One year ago this week my grandmother passed. Something I recorded in my PL last year here.
I had a wonderful day with a dear friend on saturday, something I really needed!
The Great day card is from Scrapbook printables.

This background is a test that I made one night on a paper bag. I think it turned out cute so I used it here.

And that, my friends is our life on the third week of 2013.


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