Thursday, February 28, 2013

WCS | March gallery

Happy March 1st! The new gallery at WCS is live and it is March Mini Madness! 

I made this minibook to hold a few of my Instagram photos with the tag sunshine is my drug. 

I simply made the cover with thicker cardstock and folded it. 

I made my inside pages by adding photos and patterned paper back to back and the binding is simply washitape. 

I didn´t add any words in the book as I plan to use it more like a insiration/pep kind of book on gloomy days.

Go check out the rest of the gallery and you will also find a bit more info on my project there! 

WCS | Creativity layouts

Aliza is blogging about creativity this week at WCS. I contributed with 2 new pages. This first one on tuesday which talks about how I feel like being creative is like a drug to me. I need to be creative everyday in some way even if it is just planning a new project, sketching layouts or choosing my photos. 

And here is a page I did with what is inpiring me at the moment. I made some of my pinned Pinterest images into mini polaroids and made a grid on the left side. Then I used some of the things that inspired me and made them on the page; the confetti tape, watercolor hearts and speach bubble. It was a fun way to use new techniques that inspire me!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

34 things right now...

As I turned 34 this past friday thought I´d make a list about life right now.

1. I feel younger than 34

2. It has been cold and wintery since December

3. I can do (almost) everything myself and I like that

4. I got 2 new exciting offers from within the scrapbooking world

5. I like red nailpolish

6. I am dreaming of new paint and wallpapers

7. I am lovesick

8. We have just been at the dentist 

9. Ettan (one of the cats) is super cuddly

10. I have bought the car

11. We are looking into me taking over the house

12. I get inspired by S´s tidyness

13. My daughter is crazy about One Direction

14. I want to meet my new nephew

15. The electric bill was about 100 dollars

16. I am not comfortable with my weight

17. I feel abit tired

18. I am awaiting a scrapbook kit

19. We are eating pasta

20. I am listening to Passenger

21. I have documented 60 weeks of our lives with Project life

22. We still laugh at Friends

23. We can´t wait until spring

24. I love my iPhone

25. I have sweet friends

26. I wish I was in a sunchair

27. I am planning a date

28. I feel a bit lazy

29. We have 17 kids in my group at work

30. I have issues with finishing things

31. It feels good to have a car again

32. I bought me some spring flowers

33. I feel loved

34. I feel good

A scrapbook page is on it´s way using this list!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Project Life | Week 8 2013

With this weeks spread I have recorded 60 weeks of our lives with Project Life! Yay!

Here is week 8.

This weeks biggest news was the birth of my second nephew! My baby sisters first child. A perfect way to start the week if you ask me :)
On the first page there are not so many visual words. There are some journaling under the 3rd photo.

There are 3 inserts the week :) 
One is a photo collage and some journaling about the week, the second one holds the birthday cards I recieved and the third holds some art work from my nieces. 

Here is just another view of the inserts.

Here is the second page.

I included a playlist for February and some everyday kind of stuff like a visit to the Odontologist, jokes and sweet Instagrams of the new baby.
The 2 bottom pockets hold photos from the weekend with birthday celebrations, familytime and sledding!

Friday, February 22, 2013

Project Life | week 7

Here is my spread for week 7 finally!
It was finished earlier this week, but I haven´t had time to write the post.

This, ofcourse was the week of Valentines day.

This week I recorded:
A to do list and a impromptu dance party at work.
My nephew joined Facebook and we actually chatted!
I got the leather cuff I ordered from Farmgirl paints and I love it!
The packges I got from the girls in my Favorite things exchange!

Here is the second page without the insert.
The stories here are:
Me looking forward to the rest of my life ;) feeling really good right now!
Watching VAlentines day ofcourse :) and a funny post on Facebook from my daughter.
We made cinnamon buns (mine always turn out dry!)
The shows we watch everyday and apperently this is how we hang out these days; everyone showing things on their phones ;)

I made an insert this week that is more like a minibook really. I wanted it to hold stuff from Valentines day.
I wrote a love list of stuff I love right now.

In the morning I love bombed the bathroom mirror for my daughter to see before school.
I also included my cute boy ;)

Here is a look at 2 more pockets that holds photos of flowers I got and the dinner table all set.

And lastly a look at the last pocket where I used a watercolor card I made to send to people on V-day! And that little pocket on the right has and upside down card in it ;) Ooops!
I had fun embellishing this week! Sometimes I do everything on my computer before printing, but other times I love sitting down with bits and pieces, stamps and stitching.
Have a lovely weekend! I am spending it with my daily celebrating my birthday!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

WCS | March gallery sneak peek

It is the 20th and time for another sneak peek at a new project for WCS!

Hm, what can it be? Well, a tip is to go to the WCS blog and check our March gallery from 2012...and the WCS FB page to
see the rest of the sneak peeks!  

Catching up

I wanted to catch up abit about whats going on around here.
We are all doing good. My daughter is still struggling with anxiety and sadness, but we are working hard on getting her better. And one thing that has been helping a whole lot is the person that has come into our lives as a saving angel...

If you follow me on social media you already know that love has found itself into my heart again; fast and hard. He is someone that has been way back in the background all these years just as a relative to neighbours. But it seemed like it was meant to be that we should start talking right after Christmas. And we both felt instant magic. Magic.
He just fits. Fits with me, and my gang as he calls them :)

He is such a funny guy and a bit crazy and we all love that! But the way he has thrilled my daughter is my very favorite. Happy tears have been shed from both him and me as she has expressed her approval ;)

Thank you all for your love and well wishes <3 font="">

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Memorykeeping | Today you

Here is a page I did a while ago. The journaling that is hidden on the backside is about my daughter and how she is feeling right now with everything that has been going on. I wanted to keep it private to protect her and her feelings. 
The photo is a self portrait she took while having a hard time one week in January. I knew I wanted to use it on a page about her. She takes the best selfies :)

We are both working hard on this new situation. I think I have come a little bit longer on the journey to being ok than she has. But that is ok, she will be just fine we just have to trust that time plays a big part in this, and that being a teenager doesn´t always help :)

Have a great weekend and thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

WCS | Letter writing

Celeste had her blogging week at the WCS blog this week and she talked all about different kinds of journaling.

I made a page that she shared on letter writing day!
I used an awesome free download by Kim at One story down.
Go here to get your journaling card download!
I wrote a letter to my future self.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Four last minute diy´s for Valentine´s Day

Tomorrow is Valentine´s Day and I wanted to share 4 easy last minute crafts that you can make just in time for the big heart day! Enjoy!

I used this as an inspiration! 

Sahin Designs CT | Throwback projects

In September the Sahin Designs collection Throwback hit the Lily-pad store! I used it to make a layout about how this year was the firs...