Sunday, February 3, 2013

Re-scrap 2013 | January pages

Just a few days late, here are the January Re-scrap 2013 layouts.

older page

Here is the first page I did. For this I also used the January sketch from WCS! I can´t believe that it fitted so well!

older page

This was the second I did and I have journaled about the days after the news of my divorce. I feel that I want to save the story even though it has caused me many tears and heartache. The story is written on a paper that is pinned behind the actual layout with that paper pin.

older page

This is just a simple one with a list of things that means happy to me right now:

* the feeling of moving on
* photography
* to see sunshine
* to feel independent
* to feel strong
* to laugh

And that is the first 3 layouts of 2013´s Re-scrap project!
I will be back very soon with Februarys older pages that I will
use as inspiration to make 3 new ones.

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