Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Project life 2013 | Week 12

Week 12. I used products from the digital Kraft edition I bought from Acdigitals. I was so happy when I saw ut was available so I bought them all :)

Another normal week around here. Monday morning was...monday morning ;) I hurt my hand pretty badly while walking Melvin (it is much better now!) and I thought that I had broken it. I have never had a broken bone and it turns out I am still un-broken ;)

My sister send me the cutest picture of my nephew and my new love caught a great sunset. 

This is the first text message I saved in this spread. This one was from my sister asking if we could have a little crafting meet up...uhm, yes!

I have one insert this week. I highlighted a story about how the other pets are picking on miss Sally. The page protector is a A5 size with just 2 pockets. It is perfect when I need to add an extra photo or...4 :)

The second highlight was one about how my daughter is thriving at the stables with the horses. 

The second page holds a text message from my daughter as she squeals that one of the One Direction boys re-tweeted her! I was at work giggling at her :)

The three last pockets holds stories from the weekend; thrifting, running errands, walking in the sunshine, shutting of the lights during Earth hour...

And that is week 12.

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