Monday, April 29, 2013

Follow my life - perfectly imperfect on Facebook!

I decided to set up a Facebook page for my blog. I have posted more and more stuff to my personal FB in Swedish and there haven´t been a lot of crafty updates. So, I thought that a page where I can dedicate all my posts to scrapbooking/crafty stuff would be the perfect thing to do. Why won´t you jump over there and like my page! Oh, and don´t worry, it will all be in English! 

Ps. You will really want to be able to follow me in just a few weeks, just sayin ;)

Sunday, April 28, 2013

I have always wanted...

Yesterday marked my 11th wedding anniversary. 
So much has changed since last years celebrations. 
For me the changes have been good. Real good. After the seperation I was devastated. I thought I would die. But soon after I picked myself up and decided to have a new life. And what a life I have had since then! 

Me and my ex should have split years ago. We really should have. We were wrong for eachother, so totally wrong.

I have always wanted a romantic man. A man who would buy me flowers just because. 
I have always wanted a man that wants to snuggle and be outside with me. A man that enjoys a cool summer night in the backyard just holding hands. 
I have always wanted a man that looks at me like I am the most beautiful woman in the world. A man that would hold me every night. 
I have always wanted a man that enjoys spending time with others, visiting and entertaining. A man that loves my mother and sisters. 
I have always wanted a man that made laugh. A man that is silly and funny and not at all full of himself. 

And even thought I know we are still just starting our relationship, I know that in him I have all of the above. And more. 

Saturday, April 27, 2013

WCS | Layouts from my blogging week #3

Here are the last layouts that was in my bloghosting week at WCS.

 My daughter has a best friend that she has known since they were 2 years old. I printed a photo collage she made with photos of a day they spend together and quickly added a few words about that day in my PL spread. That sparked me to make a layout about their friendship. 

We Instagrammed alot from our Easter celebrations this year and as I was making my PL spread that week I included a whole lot of those. But as I was putting it together I realized that I hadn´t recorded our Easter traditions. In this layout I journaled about this past Easter, but as we have the same traditions every year, it is also a record of how we celebrate. 

Fun, fun!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Project Life 2013 | Week 16

Here is our Life week 16 of the year 2013.

I bought the digital version of the Midnight Edition journaling cards and filler cards last week. I Think making Project Life Products available in digital format is the best thing since...well sliced bread basically ;)
I Went with a super simple layout this week. I love how the spread looks with all the black and White and a Little yellow thrown in. I used my White pen to journal directly on the photos and it worked great.
Oh, and my favorite this week is that Happiness is... card. I used some washi to tape it up on the bathroom mirror and asked the others to add a few of the things that make them happy right now. Bam! :)

My new love had to say goodbye to his cat this week and I took words from his FB and typewrote them to a journalingcard. I love being able to incorporate someone elses Words.
It was all in all a good week!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

WCS | Layouts from my blogging week #2

I´ll continue to share my layouts from my WCS blogging week. 

This was the week when my new love got up super early, made me breakfast, walked me to work (at 6.15 am) and we found a heart on the ground :) Turns out he would do that more than once that week! 

I really wanted to make a layout that recorded what kind of man I think he is. Our relationship is new and I love the thought of me going back and read about my feelings later.

On this layout I shared about how I thought this year was going to pretty much suck (I am going through a divorce) and that I didn´t have high hopes of a happy birthday, but that life moves quickly and in happy ways sometimes :)

I am so happy about all these layouts that I have done recently! Do

some pages you have made just makes you giddy?

Monday, April 22, 2013

WCS | Layouts from my blogging week #1

Last week I hosted the Write Click Scrapbook blog. I talked about how Project Life has made me see the "bigger" stories amongst the everyday tiny stories that I have in my PL album. I showed examples of scrapbook pages I have made inspired by those tiny stories. You can go here and see all the posts (just scroll down a bit!), but I thought I´d share the new pages I made here too! Here are 2 of them and I have 2 more blogposts set up to share them all!

 This one was inspired an insert I made telling the story that  me and my new love keep finding natural heartshapes during our walks. 

I have actually been doing this for years and it is so much fun sharing this with him! That of course sparked me to finally making a page about it. 

Gardening is a very big deal for me so it is clear that I will take every opportunity to include stories about that!

I took a photo of my seedlings for PL and wanted to have a scrapbook page to tell the beginning of garden 2013 :)

Have you noticed that you do things (memorykeeping) differently after using PL? Do tell!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

WCS | April sketch


Diane who makes the sketches based this months on my gallery layout for April. How fun is that!


I decided I wanted to play, so I made this layout (below).

I am so happy that my daughter has an interest in cooking, although I suck at it ;) She even got great reviews from her home ec. class at school!
I love the colors on this. I wanted to use my new dotted washitape and folded the edges as small triangles and in real life it looks abit ruffled. The theme for the gallery in April is shapes. I went with different kinds of pattern instead :)

Go check out the post to see more examples on how to be inspired by the sketch! 

Saturday, April 20, 2013

WCS | May sneak peek

It is the 20th and it is time for yet another sneak peek at a project for WCS´s May gallery! 

I loved making this layout. It is super simple with not as much product, which is my go to style these days. 
During the day you can visit WCS on Facebook where there will be links to other sneaks. 

Have a wonderful day!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Project Life 2013 | Week 15

A day later than normal, I give you week 15.

The stories:
I picked up one of those cool necklaces on etsy and it arrived in the cutest little package. 
My new love wished he could walk in the forest so I took him out on a lovely day. 
I babysat my friends cute kids on tuesday and my daughter  had a great week, so I wanted to write down a few things about that. 
My seedlings are GROWING :)
And I stole (which I do almost every week) a photo from my daughters Instagram ;)

I had a ton of things to do and deadlines to meet last week and that card just said it all: Focus on what matters! 
Thursday night my dad had a stroke and I spend most of the night at his side. He is doing so much better now!
Me and my new love spend the weekend babysitting my nephew at my sisters.
And my daughter, well she spend the weekend at her fathers place...doing "normal things" ;) 
Both her father and his new wife are military :)
I love that her father emailed me that photo and said how proud he was of her for trying it out and she was super proud.

Noted: They took every safety precaution! 

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

WCS | Bloghosting day 2

In todays post on WCS I show an example on how I take inspiration from my birthday week spread in PL! Go have a look!

Ps. I have made new layouts for each and every new post for this blogging week and I will share them here aswell!

Monday, April 15, 2013

WCS | Bloghosting day 1

I am blogging at Write Click Scrapbook this week! Read my first post here! I am talking about taking those short stories that I record in Project Life and making scrapbooking pages.


My dad became ill on thursday, but is doing very much better now!
We babysat my nephew and spend time with my sisters family.
And we went to IKEA.

All in all, a good weekend!

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