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Re-Scrap 2013 | July finished pages

Ok, here on the last day of the month is the finished Re-Scrapped pages for July! Older page I really wanted to play with the colorwheel/piechart idea, but it didn´t work with this page. I used the many photos as inspiration instead! These are just a few of the flowers that my new love have bought me every friday for months! It is really a new tradition that I love very much. Older page I used several smaller photos for this page, but really Think that the square ones in the older page looks better ;) The page is about how we saw a sunrise together this summer. Older page Again, I love the older page better, but I do love the memory that the new one holds! I used washitape and a watercolor card that I talked about in this post! Even thought I don´t love the new pages, I am still very thankful for this challenge to get new pages done! I will be back soon with the inspiration pages for August!

Memorykeeping | a hybrid page

A journalingcard and printed title + journaling = a hybrid page. I am a hybrid scrapbooker. I think I have always been really. I have used the computer in some way ever since the start. For this page I wrote the title and the journaling before adding in anything else. It is about how my daughter and her friends suddenly got hooked on watching the TV show Pretty little liars this summer. They have watched 3 seasons in just a few weeks!

BPC | The Phone photography project week 4

Here are the photos from the 4th week of Daily photo prompts that comes from the awesome Big Picture Classes workshop called The phone photography Project! You can see the others here: week 1 week 2 week 3

summer routine laughter bloom and grow summer shoes the great outdoors For the sixth day in this week you´ll have to go see a video. I hope it works! lazy (this was my challenge! I will talk a bit more about it soon!) And now we only have 3 Days left of Daily challenges.

WCS | Sketch layout

Every month we have a Saturday over at WCS where we share a monthly sketch based on a layout in the latest gallery. This past Saturday Marnie presented the sketch for this month that was based on Christa´s layout.

On this sketch you also see the cut-file that Christine designed for us. As you may know, I don´t have a cutting machine, so I tend to make my own twist at these cut-files :)

I used WordArt from Ali Edward´s digital kit called Say, yes! to make my grid in the middle of the page. Then I placed my other elements all around that after printing.

Check out the other pages here!

Project Life 2013 | Week 29

Week 29
This was the week I got back to work after vacation and it acctually felt ok. I felt rested and ready. Otherwise it was a normal week for us. Summer is still here and we still work in the garden and visit the lake.

On Thursday my girl became a big sister for the very first time! Her biological father and his wife had a baby boy! I am so totally excited for my girl to have a Little brother! We had a Little celebration! This was also the week when we dug up our first potatoes and it made us so happy! Lemonade and jam was also made with strawberries and rhubarbs.

I added a little extra note under my girls Facebook birth announcement. Ok week 30 let´s do this!

Memorykeeping | 3 tips for getting it done!

Today I am sharing my 3 top tips to make scrapbooking a little easier. 
1. Print photos often! I print at home since I know what size I normally scrap, I don´t have to plan much. If you don´t print at home, see if you can find a printer service that delivers fast. Also, look through your made layouts and see if you see a pattern in what photo sizes you use. Maybe you already know what sizes you´ll need and that makes ordering faster!

2. Jot down the stories!

Jot down the story real fast when it is fresh. I usually have a notebook with me and make sketches for the pages I know I would like to do. also, for me, it sparks something to plan with photos in my hands, so sometimes I have my photos with me in a page protector.
When I am waiting somewhere or am at the beach I tend to do the journaling. That way I have it ready and know more of how much space it will need on the page.

3. Use a formula!If you don´t have time to scrapbook on a regular basis, do it in sessions. Set aside a few hours an…

BPC | The Phone Photography Project week 3

Here are the photos I took for the challenges on week 3 of the Phone Photography Project, a Big Picture Classes workshop. 

Summer selfie

Close up 

Far away



In season

What´s cooking?

WCS | August gallery sneak peek

Today is July 20th and I have a little sneak peek of my new page that will be revealed on WCS on the 1st of August! 

Did you know that the next gallery will be my 33rd one that I have contributed to?! That is a lot of scrapbook pages ;)

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