Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Re-Scrap 2013 | August finished pages

As August is getting to an end I share with you the Re-Scrapped pages for this month.

Old page.

I didn´t use a square photo afterall. Twisted the sketch a bit, but still you see the inspiration, no? My baby started 8th!

Old page.

Originally I thought that I would type a quaote or saying on the computer for this, but I love the stamped look I went with instead!

Old page.

These photos of my nephew was perfect for this sketch! He is such a cutie! 

As you can see I went with a bit of a color scheme with all of these. That is because I used my very first Cocoa Daisy kit since I started my subscribtion! Yay!

Project Life | week 34

Just a basic week really. School started, we had a mini photoshot out in the backyard, another visit to the sunflower field.

For my weekly (almost) photo of my youngest nephew I had to go with two this week. One that you see infront  of him being all happy and then one more underneath of him crying, since I rarely see him any other way than cheery!

My new love worked a bit in the garden, we could almost pick our first ripe tomato, I tried to savor the sunlight and we went out for dinner with friends on friday. I made a weekly card this week, which I rarely do. Then a photo of the cat that decided to move in :) And the weekend was spent with sweet friends.

And that wraps up week 34!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

From pin to reality | Mason jar votive holder


Obviously I needed to do this one :)

Me and my new love did this together. We opted to do just one jar on a piece of driftwood.

First we gathered our supplies. The metallic ring that holds the jar is usually used to clamp hoses and in plumbing. You open it by unscrewing the screw a bit.

I made a hole in the back of the metallic ring using a nail and a hammer, so that we could then attach the ring to the driftwood. 

Take the jar and place the ring where you want it and screw it shut. Attach some kind of safe hanging to the back of the driftwood and you are done! 

We love how it turned out!

For now we use a selflighted candle since we are unsure of how warm the jar can get against that dry piece of old wood. Saftey first!

Monday, August 26, 2013

Right now

It has been a while since I did a little update post, so I thought that a Monday post would be as good as any other!

Right now: school has been in session for a week. My baby started 8th grade with a smile on her face :) She has done a great job this summer working at a local café.

Right now: the garden has given us a ton of vegetables and berries. It is time to put it to bed for winter soon. It has been such a good garden year!

Right now: we are working hard on getting this living together down to a T. It is mostly easy and fun, but ofcourse we have to get through a few bumps in the road :)

Right now: I have just cleaned my desk, but messed it all up with some creative play! As always! I enjoy working in our Project Life album each week and doing regular layouts too. I feel creative right now and it makes me happy. Me and my new love have also been working on some projects together and that is awesome! I have a few posts lined up to show you later!

Right now: we are spending much time together the three of us and we have so much fun! 

Right now: we are trying to squeeze in some more things in before summer ends; bbq´s, birthday parties and a visit to the amusementpark.

Right now: we have visited the sunflower field a few times and we plan to go back. It is amazing!

Right now: we have a busy september infront of us. But it is all good!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Memorykeeping | 5k

Like I have said before, I am on a scrapbooking roll right now! The pages come out fast and easy and I am loving it!

This one is about my new love and his 5k he rolled this summer. We were so proud of him and he did so good too! 
The upper card was a left over from my watercolor resist session I did earlier this summer. That was so much fun, I might have to do some more!

Here he is after the race. I embroidered a orange ribbon on his race t-shirt. Orange is the color for supporting MS research. It was such a fun day!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

WCS | September sneak peak

Can you believe I thought it was Monday all day yesterday?! That means I also thought it was the 19th ;)
So, I didn´t get my sneak post for WCS September gallery in time, but here it is!
I will tell you that this was the toughest month ever for me. I really stryggled with the theme and then in the end when I had analyzed it I should have just followed my gut feeling as I mostly do ;) Sometimes overthinking things just makes them harder, right.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Memorykeeping - So cozy

Here is another new layout! 

We had such a great time eating and chatting with dear friends one summer night. It felt like magic, it had been a hot day and everyone had gotten sunkissed and had lounged at the beach before. And the food was so good! It was one of the those moments that you want to bottle up!

Saturday, August 17, 2013

WCS | Scrapbook Saturday

Today WCS presents the new sketch, palette and cut file for the month.

I made the above layout with the sketch. I also wanted to incorporate the cut file in some way. But since I don´t have a cutting machine I used the good old watercolor masking way.

I took a few of my heart shaped stickers.

And placed them like a border in the lower corner of the page.

Then I painted over the stickers with a grey watercolor.

Just before the paint dried I peeled of the stickers, leaving the heart shapes.

This above is the cut file. I did a layout with these to. But I just printed the heart shape multiple times as a border. Then I handcut the heart and used the negative space and backed it with a patterned paper.

Here is a closer look!

For more examples and the download of the cut file visit this link!

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