Tuesday, August 27, 2013

From pin to reality | Mason jar votive holder


Obviously I needed to do this one :)

Me and my new love did this together. We opted to do just one jar on a piece of driftwood.

First we gathered our supplies. The metallic ring that holds the jar is usually used to clamp hoses and in plumbing. You open it by unscrewing the screw a bit.

I made a hole in the back of the metallic ring using a nail and a hammer, so that we could then attach the ring to the driftwood. 

Take the jar and place the ring where you want it and screw it shut. Attach some kind of safe hanging to the back of the driftwood and you are done! 

We love how it turned out!

For now we use a selflighted candle since we are unsure of how warm the jar can get against that dry piece of old wood. Saftey first!

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