Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Project Life 2013 | Week 32

I am all aboard with my album this week and can share one week at the time ;) Here is my 32nd week this year and 84th in total! 

It was really a quiet and ordinary week. We spend time together all three of us and that always feels so good. 
I swam in the lake and that felt like total magic! 
My 8 year old nephew posts the most hilarious things to Facebook and I had to include one of his posts this week! 
And it seems a new cat has moved in ;)

The last half of the week my daughter went to see her grandmother and cousins. I am thrilled that I have gotten so many updates with pictures!
On Friday we bbq´d and only added meat and corn to the meal, the rest we just picked from the garden!
My youngest nephew got kisses from both his aunts this week! 
And we spend a rainy sunday at my sisters house eating crawfish!

That´s it!

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