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WCS | September sketch

Last Saturday was Scrapbook Saturday over at WCS! That is when we reveal the months sketch, color palette and free cut file! Here is the sketch I worked with this month! I thought it was fun with the layers. 

I knew I wanted to do a layout about the garden this year and how well it has grown and gave us lots of goodies. I usually am pretty linear with the designs on my pages, but I rather liked the layered effect. 
Now, make sure to check out the other examples and also the palette and free downloadable cut file! 

Project Life 2013 | Week 38

Here is our week 38.

This was a week of not that many photos and stories. Ofcourse stories were there, we lived :) But nothing out of the ordinary happened outside the stuff that I have been documenting all along. So I turned to lists. I listed things I love and the Tv shows we watch. I also added a quote.  For the card with the baby looking at a screen (my cute nephew doing Skype with his cousins!) I stamped a Hello stamp that I bought at Elise´s stamp shop. 

I usually don´t use this photo format, but I loved that I could journal around that bottom left photo! I also used another stamp from Elise for that tomato card. I enjoyed making those. It was a super easy way to add a background! 

Flickr Autumn favorites

1. 261:365">">261:365 - tucked , 2. I">">I like a nice, slow morning., 3. Dining">">Dining room, 4. Untitled">Untitled>, 5. 262">262>, 6. brownies">brownies>, 7. 258:365">">258:365 - autumn walk, 8. for">">for applesauce and pie, 9. Have">">Have a great weekend!, 10. 264">264>, 11. basement">">basement m…

30 days of lists | A few of my favorites

September is coming to an end soon and so is the 30 lists in 30 days project. I have really enjoyed it and I love having the lists right in my Project Life spreads!

I really liked the topics, but ofcourse I have a few favorites! Like the one above! I love being a scrapbooker and I love to talk with other scrapbookers (mainly online) and it is so funny that we use lingo that no one else really get :) 

Weekends are like gold to me while working. That is when I really relax and that can be seen in my list of essentials.

Autumn is my favorite season so a list about the things I love most about this month was easy!

List #3 is: things I like about current me and I love that it made me think. And the fact that I listed - I laugh - I try to say yes more - "Just do it", is something I try to think - I love more, feel more - I feel more confident
makes me super glad!
If you did the project, what were some of your favorites?

Memorykeeping | Little miss

I am super happy that I have been making so many scrapbook pages lately! I love my Project Life album and really feel that I capture a lot of stories there, but the process of making a page is always inspiring. 

One of my neices (5) is such a curious soul. She asks question on question, just humming after the answer before throwing out another one :) To use a patterned background is so unsual for me these days. But I thought that this black and white photo could handle a busier background.

WCS | October gallery sneak

Yes, once again the 20th has arrived and I get to post a little sneak peek of what is coming in the October gallery at Write Click Scrapbook. I used the main kit from Cocoa Daisy that I recently became a subscriver of for my page. The yummy colors are perfect!

I actually have two projects in the gallery :) I used the kit for this page too. This is the one I did right after I opened the package :) 
You can check the other team members sneaks by going to the WCS site and click through on our names! 
Have a great weekend!

Right now

Happy Friday!

Memorykeeping | Summer faves

I decided to make a layot with a few of my favorite moments from this summer. And as you can see I didn´t do much journaling and I guess what I wanted with this page was kind of to record how the summer felt; that we truely enjoyed it, spend time together both home and away etc. I love how the circles make a cluster!

Project Life 2013 | Week 37

Week 37

This week I didn´t felt like I hade so many stories, so I let the photos speak for themselves in some pockets and I added lists for others. For example I added a menu list and recorded what we had for dinner during the week. We are all clueless about what we had on Monday ;)

I also included a title card, which I seldom do. For Friday i had no photos but I journaled about our day and used a photo my daughters stepmom texted me of the siblings :) I feel so happy and blessed that we all have a great relationship and feel like we can send photos and stories back and forth!  I also included a short gratitude list to the second page. This is something I will do again! It also inspired me to include other lists more often for example a reading log, what we are watching, loving etc.

And ofcourse I had my second weeks worth of #30 days of lists right in there too!

Memorykeeping | From where I stood

I collected all the photos I took this summer of where I stood :) It is such a fun thing to do and I feel it tells a story.

I opted to make a 2 page layout since I had quite a few photos I wanted to include :)

Journaling simply says: I love that these photos show that I have enjoyed the summer in many different places and ways.

Memorykeeping | You are...

This is super simple! I loved the words in this post and I knew I wanted to do something with it. So I typed the words out myself on my computer. Printed them and then added everything else!

Oh, I love it so much!

Memorykeeping | Sixten

I have used some embroidery stitching on this page. I have done it before and love the way id adds something to a page. For this one I printed the word on my printer before and layed the printed word ontop of the background paper. I attached a tiny bit of washi tape and poked holes along the letters. Then I stiched in the holes.

Our new cat that just decided to move in one day ;)

The cute butterfly is from a free printable found here!