Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Project Life week 50

Week 50

This week we still had a little bit of snow, but after thursday it was all gone. The week revolved alot around my daughters finals at school. She needed help and I took a deep breath and my coffee mug and we started doing some serious homework!

We had a fin visitor at the birdfeeder; a woodpecker! This week also meant a few sick days since my migrain acted up seriously! And my daughter spend her weekend at her dads cuddling and playing with her little brother!

Moving on!

Monday, December 30, 2013

Project Life | Week 49

Week 49

I didn´t have a whole lot of photos this week so I added in a few filler cards and a card I got from my love. I also added a week in the review card where I just listed things we did. 

I wanted to add in something abou Nelson Mandela passed away, so I printed a photo and added a few quotes underneath the photo. 
We celebrated my loves birthday and put up the tree that weekend. I have a layout going about the decorating the tree story where I have more journaling about it. 

I will have a few posts up this week with the remaining weeks in 2013! Yay for a finished project!

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Re-Scrap 2013 | December finished pages

I hope that you all have had a wonderful Holiday and that you are well rested and loved! We had a wonderful time spending the Holidays with my family! I do have some news, but that will have to be in an other post ;)

So, here they are. The very last Re-Scrapped pages of 2013! I have done 3 pages, but one of them was perfect for a coming WCS gallery, so I can´t show that one yet!

Old page

I am mostly a centered girl keeping my pages center aligned, so it is fun to play with a right hand aligned sketch. As you see this is such a simple page with both computer journaling and stamping. 

Old page (And one of my very favorites of all time!) 

I used the old letter writing technique for my journaling on this page. I think perhaps beside lists, using the letter writing tool is my favorite way to do journaling. I think I will have to do even more of that in the new year! 

And that, my friends, marks the last of this project for now. I will be back shortly with a post on my thoughts and plans for the new year!

Thanks for stopping by!

Friday, December 20, 2013

December mini #fun

We had snow for a good 5 days before it rained away bohoo!
So I am very happy that we took the time to play a bit in it before!
This paper is one that comes with the Sn@p album and I thought it fitted in a Holiday themed album. 

This is the back with a paperstar and some cute wood veneer. 

The tree page! One of my favorites! 

I love that I am playing a little with see through and transperencies in this album! I need to do this more in my regular PL album!

I have a few more pages that needs journaling and some embellishments. I am going to work on those today. 

Have a great day!

WCS | January gallery sneak peek

Although many of us are to busy being merry (read busy) about the Holiday season, the team at Write Click Scrapbook has already created our projects for the January gallery! Here is just a small sneak peek at my pages.

I loved working with these colors almost as much as the color scheme below :)

Without saying what the theme is, let me just say that it is one of my very favorites!

Be sure to check back January 1st to see the whole new gallery!

Fa la la la

Thursday, December 19, 2013

WCS | The gift of time

Note: This post was originally posted on the WCS blog on December 17 2013.

I have been seeing a pin around Pinterest that describes something called The gift of time. As I read it it´s a thoughtprovoking statement that most of us have all the things we need and kids often more than anything need our undivided time with them. I totally agree, so I decided it was going to be one of the gifts for my daughter this year. 
And as a scrapbooker/papercrafter I wanted to do something pretty with it! 


I went on a Pinterest hunt for some numbered list cards and found some really cute ones. They are really printable escort cards but work superb for this purpose also! For the envelopes I used these printable number tags. My plan was to have one envelope for each of the twelve months in a year. In each envelope I would add a note with an activity me and my daughter would do just the two of us. 


 I added the number tags to each envelope and added some washitape. 

Bild (15)

I will not say exactly what they all say (I don´t want her to know!) but here is a list I made with some examples:
a moviedate
a at home moviedate with popcorn
at home spa night
go for mani/pedi
go for a shopping date
a library date
bake something together
plan a suprise for someone
go minigolfing
take a walk
watch silly videos on youtube
It all depends on the age of the child and ofcourse your interests. I also think this gift would be awesome for your spouse!

Bild (18)

I had an empty gift box and packaged it all nicely. On the inside of the lid I added a personal letter.
I am so excited to start this tradition! I hope that you are inspired to do something like this!


Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Our Holiday cards

I had so much fun with this years Holiday cards! I decided to make 3 versions just to keep it fun. I used 2 different black and white photos of the three of us. As I printed them out on one half of a 4x6" photopaper, I also added one of the cute journaling cards in the digital Winter theme kit I bought at digitalprojectlife.com to the other half. So I basically just printed them out and added our message.

This is just a smaller version of the card, so I backed it with some black cardstock. Bam! Done!

Do you send out cards for the Holidays?

Monday, December 16, 2013

Project Life 2013 | Week 48

Here is week 48!

This ws the week of Thanksgiving. Sweden don´t celebrate Thanksgiving (per say), but we do ever since my US trip in 2010. It is a fun and meaningful holiday, we make a good meal and set the table nicely and usually use some sort of dinner questions. I print them out and put them in a cute jar and we all love them!
I added a few random photos to this page, the price of gas, a photo of my old university where I spend a day of lectures at this week, THE holiday dress, a RAK a friend gave me and us getting in the holiday spirit by wrapping gifts.

I loved that my sister texted me my nephew and nieces handwritten wishlists! And what an easy way to just put them into an extra page protector like this!

The back holds some conversation and photos we all shared with eachother when we had a groupchat (me, my sisters and all the men!).

For some reason I can´t find the photo of the second page in a whole, so here are just a few close-ups :)

We celebrated the first of Advent that sunday!

Happy Monday!

Friday, December 13, 2013

December minialbum | A fun transperency page

I made a fun page for my December minialbum the other day! I had this plastic transperency sheet that I cut to size a whole page. I adhered the photos and journaled around the edges with a permanent marker. 

Then I just slipped in into the page protector. 

This is the back. I don´t mind having the text showving through, but I did want to do something on the back of the photo.

I ended up putting another photo on there and a journaling card above talking about how we decorated. 

I love this addition in my December minialbum!

Ho Ho Ho

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Re-Scrapped 2013 | pages #3

As I said in my previous Re-Scrapped post I wanted to make another version of one of the inspiration pages. So, that same night I did this one.

It is more true to the older page I used as inspiration. Using the list method of journaling is one of my favorites. Initially I wanted the title to be I remember, but I went with I love and then listed a few things I love about the last year with my love.

This became one of my favorite pages I did this year!

Ok, now I am totally finished with the pages from November ;)

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

December minialbum | a few more pages

I shared the beginning of my december minialbum in this post and also a few thoughts about my process. Now I would like to show you the first pages.
This one above was one of the pages I did before december, as I always start planning and making crafts in november. Pinterest is clearly my place to go for all sorts of ideas! If you´d like to follow me, here is a link! This year I created a new board called December mini for all things minialbum. And here is one for all things Christmas.

To get into the Holiday mood we were out doing some shopping and found some ornaments to play with! And ofcourse wrapping gifts while listening to Christmas music!

And here is a page about one of my favorite traditions; gingerbraed cookie baking with friends!

As you can see I am keeping things simple and to the point. I am looking forward to doing more pages in there!

Ho Ho Ho

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Project Life 2013 | Week 47

Week 47

I am not behind on these. I just have a few that I haven´t shared on the blog yet. I still have my weekly session sitting down on the weekend making my spreads. 

This was the week when we had 3 trips into the city! Bleh! I am surely a homebody and get stressed with all the people. But we had to change tires on the car since winter was coming in. My daughter had a field trip she was dreading, but judging by the photo of her at the indoor pool, she had some fun afterall.
One day while in the city, we met up with my sister and nephew for lunch at IKEA. It made our whole day!
I have added a big heart on that last card since I have some personal things written there.

This week I added in a screen shot of the apps on my iPhone. I saw it somewhere I thought it was a good idea. On the back I wrote down a short summary of what i do in each app.
There was an open house at my daughters school and we attended a few classes and conferences.
That night we also baked gingerbread cookies with friends, a favorite tradition!
On Sunday, we drove my daughter to her father´s house since her little brother were being baptised. On our way back home, we made a quick visit at my sisters.

An observation that I have made the last weeks are that I have fewer words on my spreads. It is not because I haven´t got anything to say, but think also that the photos speak for themselves. Maybe I will regret that later, but it feels good for the moment.

Thanks for stopping by!

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Re-Scrap 2013 | December inspiration pages

Here are the last 3 older layouts that will be used as inspiration to make 3 new scrapbooking pages in 2013. I am excited to show you all the new layouts I made this year out of this project! Did you see that post last year? 36 new pages! And this year I have made more!

I haven´t splattered paint in a while ;)

I am super inspired by the simplicity in this!

This is one of my very favorite pages! It is based on a sketch I have used over and over again. 

Oh, and did you see that I wanted to make another take on one of the November pages in my last post? Well, check in tomorrow to see what I did last night ;)

Friday, December 6, 2013

A new December minialbum

A week back I had a post up on WCS about my December minialbums past and present. Go read that and then come back as I wanted to talk a bit more about how I am doing it this year!

2013 is the second year I am doing most of my memorykeeping in Project Life form. In the past I have done a december daily type of minialbum during December. My very favorite is the one I did 2011 that has list prompts from the e-book List it! Christmas Edition from Ella Publishing.
This year however, I am starting a new annual minibook. Being in a new relationship that has already become a living-with-eachother thing creates a new situation. We all have a little different traditions that are sacred for us and I thought that starting a whole new book would be the right thing to do.

I am using a Sn@p minialbum from Simple Stories for this and I plan on adding in coming years too. The stories will probably be much like the ones I have documented before, with the difference of not having a new minibook to store each year. Depending on the bulkiness, I plan on having at least 3 years worth of Decembers in there.

I am using this mini to be a little more creative that in say my PL albums. I plan to play a bit with techniques I don´t normally do which is exciting!

I hope that i can capture our new and old traditions!

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