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Lists with friends 2014 | List #9

We have had temps up to 10 degrees celsius this week which makes me itch for gardening! We are expanding our beds and building some new boxes. I am so excited! Here is a list of seeds we are buying very soon:

Baby tomatoes Tomatoes Carrots Red beets A few onions Sallad Spinach ...
We are also making a new row for more potatoes. Please, hurry up spring!

This post is part of a list-making project called Lists With Friends 2014, an effort to document the year in lists of all types. I love lists, and I love a good project : )

Moodboard Inspiration | February projects

Here is the post I did with the moodboard in the beginning of the month! 
And here are the projects I did with inspiration from the moodboard.

I made super simple Valentine´s day card for our friends and family this year inspired by the moodboard. 

Garlands and watercolor were also on the moodboard and in this project I used both!

The filler card I did for Valentine´s day.

And the geometric heart banner.

These are the projects I did with inspiration from February´s moodboard!

On to the next month!

WCS | Inspiration: use crochet things on your page

Francine challenged us to use something crochet on our pages a few weeks ago! And since I do love to crochet I made some mini flowers to use on this layout about my love of yarn!

I also used one of Francine´s awesome journaling cards she made during the month of February. You can see them all here. Just scroll down to find the one you want. Thank you Francine for both the challenge and that freebie card!

Super easy baby gift using a...

My nephew turned one last week and I anted to make a gift for him that he could use every day. I had this plain photo album with pockets for 2 4x6" photos on each page. I made the cover using a sheet of papperned paper. Previous to this I had taken of the cover to the album, so that the whole thing was just the pockets. 

I then went to my photo archives and found good headshot photos of our family (his grandmothers, cousins and others). Just printed them out and slipped them in the pockets.

Ok, so the very last thing I did so that he could indeed use it without ruining it was to sew a straight stitch with my sewing machine along the border of each side. This will prevent the photos sliding out, but also water or drool from coming in :)

Super easy and usable baby gift!

Valentine´s day filler card

I was home sick a few weeks before Valentine´s day and I always tend to do something creative to feel better. This time I did some filler cards for my PL spread. I penciled out some 3x4 cards and then used my date stamp to make a pattern with the date all over the cards. I did this before cutting them out, that makes it easier to get a more messy look when the stamps overlap. 

I then stamped that love flag from Studio AE Best banners set. (You can get it here!) Added some red watercolor and a pearl. I think it turned out pretty nice!
Have a great Monday!

Project Life 2014 | Week 7

Week 7 and I am officially caught up sharing my PL weeks!

This week I am participating in the February challenge at CiLi in  Papers Blog: Write or stamp ON your pictures. i do this on a regular basis, but decided to make a little more effort in recording how I thought about it this week. I decided to have mostly larger photos on my spread this week. This makes it a little bit easier to do either/or journaling and stamping right on your photos. 

I had this photo of me holding my coffee cup and knew that it was ideal to use either for the "white" space on the right or, as I ended up doing, in and around the cup. I think it makes a fun and different feel when you journal not in just straight lines. And to use a round circle stamp in the cup is just right. I also added a stamped banner from the February Studio AE set and some thin chipboard letters. I practically used my photo as a whole layout really and that is how I think about each pocket in my PL album. 

The other photo I stam…

Lists with friends 2014 | List #7 Our to do list

Our to do list today since we are throwing a birthday party for me tomorrow :)

Have a great weekend! This post is part of a list-making project called Lists With Friends 2014, an effort to document the year in lists of all types. I love lists, and I love a good project : )

Memorykeeping | What I love about having a teenager

A few weeks ago Francine blogged about using other crafts on your scrapbooking layouts. I made this page to show how you can use cross stitching to make an accent. 

I poked the holes for the stitches before hand and then I just stitched the heart. If you can do very basic embroidery you can easily do this!  For the journaling I used my list of things I love about having a teenager that I posted here

I love lists, and lists as journaling are so easy!

Project Life 2014 | Week 5

Week 5 and one of three spreads I have not shared with you yet!

This week I used cards I got in Jennifer´s shop.  I love how simple and graphic they are! You just need to add a photo! And Jennifer helped me out ina great way with some issues too!
This spread is also full of shaped photos. I used it for one of my posts at a swedish PL blog.  I used the same method as in this post I did a while ago when I did my last page of 2013. I love the look at those!

And the ones I printed at a 4x6 size are easily to embellish!

My daughter was on a group trip with church and she send me a bunch of cute photos during the trip and I printed them in circles for a fun effect and to be able to fit more photos in there. There is a pocket underneath that with more photos and journaling.

Otherwise, I used tags to add my journaling this week. I also used the back of a package from Studio Calico to make this card above! I love when products come in cool packaging!

I wanted to also mention that I got sponsored to…

Project Life 2014 | Week 6

Here is week 6 in my PL album! I have not shared in a few weeks, but I have been making and finishing the spreads on Sunday´s as usual. I will be sharing them all in the days to come.

This week I didn´t have that many photos. But the photos I did have were some I adore. One day we had a parent/teacher conference and I secretly snapped a photo during the meeting. I knew I wanted to have one! I used the full 4x6 photo and journaled directly on there. i also used some stamping. My daughter also had what we thought was a really important dentist visit. So I snapped a photo, but the visit ended up just being a viewing and a new visit in a year. I used the photo to journaled our confused thoughts.  Our oldest cat left some months ago and suddenly started to come home again this week, and obviously we are thrilled! 

The Olympics in Sochi started on Friday and I took a photo as the Swedish team walked out. I also printed the Google logo from that day as I thought it said alot about all the buzz …

Cocoa Daisy February sketch

I decided to make a layout using the February sketch at Cocoa Daisy

I liked that it was centered and I had planned to be more true to the sketch. But alas creativity doesn´t always happen like you plan, right! I am happy how it did turn out, so all is well. And I am very happy about getting this story down for my daughter to read when she is older. A story about how impressed and excited she was to have shakes at Starbuck´s Coffee in Stockholm!

As always, the products from the main kit at Cocoa Daisy fit perfectly with what I like!

Thanks for stopping by!

WCS | Scrapolympics week Freestyle

The WCS week of Scrapolympics continues and yesterday was a day for Freestyle pages. We were challenged to do pages using our best skills. Boy, how hard was that! It's funny that when someone says: make a layout just like you usually do! it is so hard :)

This is what I made. I used these signature things: white background graphic details short journaling groupings of embellishments

In the end I do like the page, but while sitting there staring at my desk, I kept wanting to add more. I especially like the stickers on the photo!

Go ahead and check out the other projects during Freestyle day at WCS!

More from Studio AE stamps

I had a blast creating stuff with the Best Banner stamp set! In the coming days, I will share a few more projects. Today I have a birthday layout I did with a photo from my nephews 8th birthday. The banner stamps make good banners ;) 

I don´t usually always use blue on "boy" pages, but this time it worked out that way. I like how the yellow accents lights up the page! 

WCS | Scrapolympics week Biathlon

This week marks the 4th Scrapolympics week at WCS where we celebrate the fun of the Olympic times with our own version! On Monday it was Biathlon day and we combined a sketch and a color palette to make our pages. 

I used the color palette from April 2013 with the September 2013 sketch.

I used just one photo unlike the sketch. But added a larger journaling block and an accent card. 
I have used the sketch before for this layout.

Here I was much more true to the sketch! And that is partly why I love using sketches, they are so adaptable.

For my second Biathlon layout I used the January 2014 color palette and the January 2014 sketch.

I thought it was perfect to make a little current page about my family. And i love the colors! 
Go check out the other layouts made with other sketches and palettes!