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WCS | Minibook with Jenni Bowlin kit

This is a post originally posted on the Write Click Scrapbook blog during March Mini Madness. 

Lisa here with the last day of Jenni Bowlin Mini Madness week. I worked with the September 2013 Papercrafting kit. When I was planning on what my minibook would consist of I saw that the 30 days of lists were going to start on March 1st and that was that; a 30 lists mini it would be!

Here is a look at the finished book. I had pre planned pretty much all the design for the inside pages.  The book is made with just patterned papers. I trimmed the 12x12" papers to 6x12" and simply folded the pieces in half. For the binding I used 2 staples. I first poked holes for the staples with my craft needle and simply pushed the staples in those and closed them.  For the cover I just played with the great things in the kit. The stamp works as a base and then I just added the letter stickers and embellsihments.  I wanted to use tags on each page for the lists. There were a few tags in the kit, but I d…

Project Life 2014 | Week 15

Week 15.

This was the week our cat followed us to the store and I had to stay outside with her so that she didn´t go inside with us :) I journaled on the photo in Picmonkey before I printed the photo. 
This was the week I had a terrible day at work and my love had made a lovely suprise for me when I came home. 
This was the week I started yet another chrochet blanket. I now know how to do the ripple stitch and it makes me happy! Tip: To get a good photo of me working on this I handed over my phone to my love and he snapped one for me!
This was the week when I cleaned my craft room and discovered I had so many different tools; pens, sissors, screwdrivers and pain brushes. I snapped a photo of them all, it made me happy!

This was the week I had a lovely visit with a dear friend and we chatted over coffee and scones. Tip: Try to journal around the edge of a coffee mug or plate, it is fun!

This was the week when our seedlings sprouted. Tip: Sometimes you don´t need so many words. 

This was the w…

Memorykeeping | I love...

Oh, why yes it is yet another layout using a pie chart! I have fallen in love and there is no turning back :)  I listed a few things I love about my man and got to use some yummy papers from my Cocoa Daisy kits in the chart!  When I look at it one the screen here it seems a bit crocked, but in my album it is fine! 

This is sucha simple way to add a little more technique into a very simple page. 
Happy Monday!

Lists with friends 2014 | My childhood home

One list from my 30 days of lists march edition. 


This post is part of a list-making project called Lists With Friends 2014, an effort to document the year in lists of all types. I love lists, and I love a good project : )

Project Life 2014 | Weeks 13 + 14

Week 13 +14

Tip: Use a small brush and watercolors to make your own journalingcard. Everyone can make a messy line, right?!

Tip: For easy journaling, use the Currently list!

Tip: Sometimes a photo says a thousand words, just put a wood veneer heart on it :)

Tip: The app InstaWeather has several different layouts and this very simple and clean one is easy on the eyes.

Tip: Include something you shopped and loved! I was one of the lucky ones to get my hands on one of Elise´s wooden amersands that was her item of April!

Tip: Journaling made easy? Just list it!

Tip: Your daughter goes on her first trip to London? Send her away with the wish for photos (both with the DSLR and with the phone) afterwards. We made a joke that she´d take a selfie with all the cool sightings :)

Tip: Include cute photos of your nephew that your sister posts on social media!

Tip: For easy journaling, start your lines with the words I want to remember...

Here´s to having 118 weeks of life shared here through Project Life!

WCS | May sneak peek

Happy Tuesday and happy sneak peek day! I am so happy with the layout I have made for the May gallery at WCS! Here is a quick sneak peek of it.

Be back May 1:st to see the whole page and the new gallery!

From Pin to Reality | Washi banner

Finally a new From pin to reality post! These posts are my attempt to actually do something of all those pins I pin over at Pinterest.

Link to pin.

I have been wanting to make these banners forever. Washi tape is such a good product to have at home since it is so versatile. For my banner I also used these free printable banner letters that I matted on black cardstock for more effect. 

It fits right in with all the other black and white wall art above our bed!

If you´d like to see more of these posts, just click here!

Project Life 2014 | My thoughts so far

As many of you know, this is my third year in making a Project Life album. The first year was just a whirlwind of new products and otherwise all about products I think. The second year I started to find my style more and more. And now a few months into my third year I feel like I have totally made this project my own. I thought I´d share a few things I love from the album so far this year!

I love that I have found ways to include snippets of who my daughter is right now. For example I have screenshot of her most played playlists, texts and things she is sharing on social media. She is also very good at send me photos from when she is on trips and so on. I know that she will treasure this as an adult!

I love that I can include stories and photos from my sisters and their families even though we live far away from each other. Social media and texts are just perfect! I also love that I always focus on our weekends in the last few pockets on each spread. Weekends are our favorite and even t…

Easter crafts from the past

As we are well into Easter week, I wanted to remind you of a few Easter related crafts from the past! 
Sharpie eggs
Decopaged eggs
Paper egg ornaments
Painted salt dough ornaments

Memorykeeping | Working with diagonal pieces

As I keep creating with inspiration from my Moodboard this month I find all sorts of things that speak to me. Among other things, I am super inspired by blocking my entire background on a layout. Either having two seprerate colors or as I will show today, with more than one piece. 

I started measuring out 4 blocks on white cardstock. I wanted to work with a few different sizes and also diagonal pieces. I then cut them out and traced them on the patterned papers and photo.

When I pieced them all together it looked a bit wonky, so I added some washi tape and used my paper cutter to even out the edges. 

I added a stamped banner and painted a wood veneer heart so that it fitted more into my color scheme. 
A fun layout to make! 
Happy Monday!

Memorykeeping | Me & you

On my Moodboard for April there were a few scrapbooking layouts using big shapes that I really wanted to try out. 

So I did just that! Me and my love were silly one day and took these photos (I can assure you that were were just having fun and nothing private was going on!). Since the photos were light, black and white I wanted to use some bright colors. I cut a few triangles out from a scrap paper of that cute patterned paper and added them on top of the same triangles with a glue dot to add some demension.  My sweet friend Monika (that has the cool etsy shop called I love it all) send me a package and there was this cute sticker and I cut it out and it looks perfect on this page! 

I added my journaling that I typed out on my typewriter and also added a few stamps from the October Afternoon Phrases stamp. I love that stamp! The journaling just states that I love how much fun we have together :)
Happy Thursday!

WCS | One, two, three, four or more photos

Amy Coose had a series on the Write Click Scrapbook blog last week showing simple examples of layouts with one, two, three and four photos. Since i make all kinds of layouts with different numbers of photos I had a few to contribute with. They are all ones i have shared here before, but I thought that repetition can be good :)

I most often use one photo on my pages. The size of the photo however can be different. I don´t shy away from using a smaller photo and fill out the page more with embellsihments. 

But ofcourse the usual size is either a square or 4x6"" photo. The larger the photo, the more focus it gets. If I would have a photo that I don´t have much of a story behind, but rather just want to save I will use a larger size.

Nowadays I often use photos straight from my Instagram. Then i often use 2, but size them down to about 10 cm. I also use my printers software to print either two 3x4" photos on the same 4x6" photocard or I´ll print 4 photos on one. 

To use th…