Sunday, June 22, 2014

Around the garden

I know that around blogland gardening is the hip thing to do these days :) But I assure you I did it before it was cool! 

We have made a few small changes in the veggie garden this year. We built raised beds. It was so much fun to make them ouselves! 

Excuse the weeds in this photo :) 
We placed the beds where the garden was previous years. We layed down cardboard in the bottom to elliminate the weeding as much as possible. 

I find it so much fun to look at photos from when we just had seedlings and just beginning. And then see a photo from now that the veggies are overflowing the beds! 

We have red beets, spinach, sallad, onions, radishes in the beds. We have already picked alot of sallad, spinach and radishes. It such an amazing feeling to be able to pick something you have grown from seeds! 

We also grow rhubarbs, strawberries, raspberries and blackberries. The rhubarbs are very ripe and we have already made both jam and lemonade. Oh, the season of canning! 

We also grow a few herbs. Mostly oregano because it is huge! But also chives, thyme and lemon balm. 

We use the herbs in sallads and for cooking fresh, but we also dry them for storing.

We had such luck with our tomatoes last year, that we expanded with a few more. We made a new bed for them and are all ready for some red gold! But we also planted them a little to late, so we´ll have to wait a bit longer.

I dug out a new place to plant some flowers in the frontyard. All the pants are transplanted from around the garden. I am so very happy about how it turned out! I also made that bird bath :)

The liliacs and lilys of the valley are long gone, but the Jasmine has just bloomed and so has the peonies. 

Being in my garden, just walking in it, picking some weeds or watering makes me so ay peace. I can miss it when I am away from home and often think: Oh, how I wish I just was in the garden right now...

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