Thursday, June 19, 2014

DIY | Rhonna designs

I use my iPhone a lot. Like a lot! So whenever I learn a new trick I am happy to share! 

Today I'll show you how I made my own printable cards I'll use in my pocket pages! 

I use the app called Rhonna Designs which is an app where you can add text and overlays to your photos. You can also create quote cards etc using their backgrounds. There are a few to choose from and for what I am showing you today I used the white background choice. When you have picked that you'll set the size and for this you will want to pick the 3x4 size. 

The app is so easy to use! You simply select the text tool or the overlay tool, change the color and the size to your liking and voila you are done! 

I saved each of my cards at the High resolution option so that they would print good. 

And boy did they print good! I could print them on a full A4 (8.5x11) crystal clear! 

Just think of the possiblities! 

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