Friday, June 13, 2014

Lists with friends 2014 | My bucketlist

Lists with friends

My bucketlist:

- go on an aquarium date
- donate blood
- swim with dolphins
- get a tatoo
- go on a startgazing date
- go zip lining
- watch a sunrise  July 18th 2013
-be given a puppy as a present
- let go of a floating lantern
- have a paint fight
- go back to Paris
- see a flash mob
- dance in the rain
- hug a chimpance
- have a Christmas movie marathon
- love him until I die
- see my girl fall in love
- go to a "rain-room"
- ice skate in NY
- have a beach bonfire
- go to Venice
- see a lantern festival
- have a huge water balloon fight
- build a snowman with my best friend  December 2013
- try pasta in Italy
- send a message in a bottle
- visit Penguin Island
- hike in the mountains
- spend a holiday somewhere exotic
- slowdance while the snow fall
- jump in a pool fully clothed
- go to a drive in movie
- see the Northern lights
- own my own house
- watch a meteor shower
- ride in a hot air balloon
- travel with my daughter

What is on your bucketlist?


Bwlists200This post is part of a list-making project called Lists With Friends 2014, an effort to document the year in lists of all types. I love lists, and I love a good project : )


  1. I will have to think about this... I love yours : )

  2. I miss Swedish Google commenting, haha! I always felt smart when I guessed the right thing. ; )


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