Friday, July 4, 2014

From Pin to Reality | Concrete projects


I have dabbled a little bit with concrete before, but then I made leafs like the one below. 

cement leaf tutorial

There is a great tutorial in English here for the leaf. 

But this time I was more interested in making 2 different kinds of projects; one candle plate and one plate that I´d use as a pot. 

I looked through my cupboards to find something I could use as a mold and found plastic trays that came with some grocery we had bought. They had a nice plain bottom (which was going to be the top of the finished plate) and the sides were a few inches high so that I could fill them up without worrying about the concrete pouring over. 

I poured the concrete and let it sit for about half a day (or whenever it has become a little more thick) and then I added some chicken wire for the candle plate and a plastic bowl to make the pot. To hold the plate I placed a rock in it, so it wouldn´t float. 

Then I let everything burn (dry) for a few days so that I would be sure they were all ready. Sanded them down a bit and added padded 3D stickers to the bottom to protect the surface they would be placed on. 

Here is the pot. I planted a succulent in it and it sits on our outdoor table. 

The candle plate sits on our coffee table and is so easy to change; different color candles and you can place different things next to the candle for each season. 

These are not perfect in anyway, but that wasn´t expected. But they are perfectly imperfect, just the way I wanted them to be! 

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