Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Moodboard inspiration | How I use moodboards + July moodboard

I thought I´d share a little bit about how I work with moodboards today. Moodboards, first of, are used in many creative businesses as an inspiration for adds, collections and interiors. I use them for my crafts and in my memory keeping projects. Since January of 2014, I have share a new moodboard each month, but I haven´t really talked about how I use them other than I draw inspiration from them. 

Each month I print my moodboard that I make with the collage tool at pickmonkey.com. I adhere it in my journal that holds all my ideas, sketches and other things I need to keep track on for the creative side of my life. I then make notes on what in each image I feel most inspired by. It can be a few combined or just from one image.

I also make a list of things I need/want to make. For example if there are sketches/themes for my projects for WCS, other blogs, techniques I want to try etc. 

I am excited to show you what I have already created with this moodboard in the coming weeks!

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