Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Project Life 2014 | Week 24

Tips from week 24:

Tip! Use the backside of a card from the previous week like I did with that tag.

Tip! Some events don´t need that many words, for example the borrom right photos of both my pages this week. They are pretty self-spoken and I added them in to show a feel for the season more than anything.

Tip! I am super happy that I have continued to add in that weekly card! So much easier to quickly know when a certain event took place!

Tip! I didn´t think my typewriter would good on photos, but I am glad I tried! Hello whit space!

Tip! My daughter texted me several photos from a One Direction concert and not all of them were high quality, so I printed them in a smaller size.

Oh and I can´t wait to share week 25 with you next week! It is a fun one!

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