Friday, August 29, 2014

10 things 15 years of motherhood taught me

My daughter turns 15 on Sunday. 15! Oh my! Each year around her birthday I think back on how time has gone by so fast and that I would like her to be my baby forever. Now as she is getting closer to adulthood, I am acctually also curious and looking forward to what she is going to become. Anyway, today I share 10 things motherhood has taught me these past 15 years. Enjoy!

1. A guilty conscience. Bam! right from the start! It´s like as soon as you hold your baby your head sets into a mode where you feel guilty about everything. Spending not enough time with the baby, or too much time (is she ever going to sleep on her own?!), wanting to sleep etc. And this just goes on as the baby grows. Get used to it!

2. Big love. Love that is nothing I have ever known ever before or after. It is indeed like having a piece of your heart walk around outside your body.

3. Enjoy it! I wish I would have enjoyed each age better. Someone once told me to remember that she (my daughter) will never be 3 again or 9 or 15.

4. Portability. You can bring along a child to most places. I had her with me everywhere; travels, shops, libraries and even at school. She just got used to it and learned how to behave in different social situations along the way.

5. Proud moments. There have been so many moments when I have felt so, so proud of her. It started with her first smile, step and clap of hands. But could also been her first word, art work and first time on stage.

6. Mama Bear is out. The mama bear feelings also comes right at birth, I think. That feeling of knowing you would pick up a car from her if neccessary. That feeling is so strong!

7. Not enough. The fear that I haven´t done enough, taught her enough life skills. Have I done enough so that she will do good in life? That question lies under the surface so many times.

8. Friends. Fear that I haven´t bonded with her enough for her to know that she can tell me anything!

9. You forget. No, I don´t remember which tooth of hers that came first or the exact date that she took her first step, but I am ok with that because I remember so many other things! And scrapbooking helps a lot!

10. Confindence! I am guilty of talking bad about myself infront of my daughter. I know that it
 isn´t good, but it is done. I still hope that the many times I have told her that she is perfect has the overhand and has effected her more.

There you have it, 10 things of many things that this crazy ride of motherhood has taught me so far.

Happy Friday!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Project Life 2014 | Week 32

Here we go again. Week 32 of this years Project Life spreads. This was my last week of vacation and we chilled at home with friends and work in the garden.

I love the different colors of our carrots this year!

I have used a few items from Cocoa Daisy´s August A day in the life kit which is their PL kit. I loved all the little bits and pieces in the kit!

Have a great day!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Memory keeping | centered or not

For once I am actually in the photo and not just the one behind it! I try to be in front of the camera too, but I have always felt more comfortable taking the photos.
I especially love to be in pictures with my daughter and my nephews and nieces as I think that can be something they´d like to have later in life.

As you can see I placed all the main elements slightly to the left. Then I placed the journaling and embellishments in a diagonal down to the right corner. I could have gone with a centered layout, but I like that I didn´t!

I use black and white photos from time to time. Actually more now that I take more photos with my iPhone. Turning the photos black and white is such an easy way to reduce noise and other distracting things in photos.

Thanks for stopping by!

Monday, August 25, 2014

Oldies but goldies: Challenged by Justem

My dear friend Emily Spahn challenged me (and others) to pick out 10 older layouts that we love. It was hard to pick just these because there are so many that I love, some for the story, for the photo or as a whole design. 

This is the story of my grandmother´s last few days on earth. I am forever grateful that I could be by her side and that I wrote this down.

I remember that I absolutely fell in love with that circle paper! I also LOVE that photo of my girl! 

This was one of the first layouts that were more whimsical for me. I have always been more of a linear type.

I love this page beacuse of both the photo and the paint splatter.

The story about me finally cross "walking on an all Ameracan street" of my bucketlist makes me happy still!

This is one of my favorite designs. I have made several others based on it. And that the story is about my late grandparents just makes it even better.

I love this page because that paper matched my daughters personality perfectly at the time. And the journaling in list format, yes.

The two coming layouts are not that old, but still on my love list. Because everyone who knows me, know that my garden and hearts of nature is what I dig!

This page is one I love because it holds a work related story. My job as a Kindergarden teacher can be challenging at times, but this moment was perfect.

You can see these and other layouts in my gallery!

Now I challenge you, pick 10 of your older layouts and share them again! 

Friday, August 22, 2014

Project Life 2014 | Week 30 Vacation week

Here is my week 30. This was the week we were on summer vacation by the sea. I started the spread with a map card I cut from an old atlas. I sewed the route we drove to get there.

I took a lot of photos during the week, but when I picked out the ones I wanted on the spread I tried to pick those that stood out to me in a way that they told a story about our stay.

I am doing a scrapbook layout with more of the stories later, so I didn´t add too many words here.

The second page has more of the same really. I made that second card with cardstock and my loved October Afternoon roll stamp to stamp "this is good stuff" over and over again for a filler. 

Those last 2 photos are from when we came home. Marta missed us and wouldn´t leave my side and finally we had tomatoes in the garden! 

I printed 4 photos on one card to add some more from when we were at a museum and just added a circle to hold a title.

My WCS friend Christine just released a free printable the days before we leaft and that sailboat was perfect for this spread!

Sometimes weeks like this stress me a little. I often have many photos and there are usually emotions that are hard to catch in a few words. When you travel you experience so much and I am afraid I can´t tell the whole stories to make that justice. So, I am super happy that I did this spread right away!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Memory keeping | BFFs

I love that my daughter has such sweet friends. This one especially since she is so kind and warmhearted.

I dived into my scrap stash for this page. I had some of that cute paper left from other projects and I just added the shapes to my background. The background that is colored! Yes, I know it is a miracle! I so seldom use anything else than white as my backgrounds. But I guess sometimes things call for a little color! Back to the building shapes from patterned paper, I like to do that both with paper that calls for it i.e paper that has for example geometric shapes, but also with other papers. You can see an other example here.

I used a sketch for this page and it had two photos originally. I switch one of the slots for journaling. If you use smaller photos like this 3x4" one, it is an easy switch, and you can obviously use a journaling card too.

I also painted that chipboard speech bubble with watercolors for an other project that didm´t work out. I plowed through my embellishments and found it again and this time it fitted. Happy!

Have a great thursday!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

An Instagram celebration + free printables!

This weekend I hit 3000 photos posted on Instagram! That is a l o t of memories saved! I love the community that I have there and thought that I´d celebrate with a free printable. If you are here from the link on Instagram, welcome! If you are here from anywhere else, you are most welcome too! 

I shared last week that I have started a new hobby where I combine my photos with words by cutting words and frases out of books and magazines and adding them manually to my photos to create photo poetry. I love to do that in many ways. 

This time I have digitally created 4 printable cards with my photos and sayings on them. I will use them in my Project Life album, but they can also be used as inspiration around your house or as a card you give someone. 

They come in pdf format and you can download it here! You can print them on cardstock or photo paper. 

Please use them and I hope they make you smile! I would be delighted if you share with me where and how you used them! 

Have a great day!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Memory keeping | journaling strips and two fonts

The story: I simply adore this photo of one of my nieces. She is a spitfire and absolutely knows her good looks. She is famous for trying to get what she wants using them!

The goods: When I use patterned papers as backgrounds, I like to add them to a white paper to create a border. I think it adds a little bit of interest to the page. If you look closely, you´ll see that I have actually used the bottom strip on the patterned paper sheet.

Sometimes those are super cute with good patterns and colors. Why not use them?!

The title says good-looking Bea and I wanted it to stand out a little, so I used two different letter stickers. And I typed my journaling on my typewriter, cut it to strips and adhered them with 3D glue dots. It takes a little time, but I think it is a fun way to add journaling.

Thank you for stopping by today!

Monday, August 18, 2014

Weekend photos

We babysat our nephew this weekend and we all had so much fun!

Marta was very happy to see us home again!

It was so much fun hanging out with Viggo, but it was awesome to come home on Sunday, crawl up on the couch, light some candles and relax before work on Monday!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Photos + Words | A new passion

I have been a paper lover for as long as I remember. It is the way it shows itself that has changed over the years. In junior high school I went to England as an exchange student for a few weeks. When I came home I remember making collages with the photos and memorabilia. During my senior year in high school I made my first scrapbook. Or rather a photo album with a few words mixed in. After my daughter´s birth I started scrapbook more like the way I do it now. 
I took photography classes in high school and that is where my love for that started. Photography has since then evolved to become my second main passion and a small business on the side. 

The newness of which I want to talk about today, is more the craft of adding words to my photography. It is simple really; I love words, quotes and photos. I like to find ways to combine all of them. Oh, the newness is not even new, it is only new to me ;) 

I sit down with a book/magazine and cut words that spark something in me and add them to photos. Voila photo poetry! ;) 

The cuts are not perfect. The alignment is off. They are perfectly imperfect. Just the way I like them.

It is meditation really. I lay my photos out and start to flip through my books and go on a word scavenger hunt. Then I pair the words together on the photo that I feel is the right one. I can do it forever.

It grounds me. Helps me stay in the moment. Relax. After all

 "It is amazing how much we feel. Being in the present moment makes you feel happy. You do feel a lot of happiness." - Lisa BorbĂ©ly

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Project Life 2014 | Week 28+29

I am eager to get caught up with sharing my finished spreads, so I´ll show two weeks worth today!

On this spread I used a few cards I have made myself using watercolors. I am not a painter at all, but everyone can paint lines on a piece of paper, right! So that is a great, simple way to incorporate a new trend. The watermelons and the card with the yellow triangle was not hard to make either :)
The ombre card on the left is actually a card I made on my iPhone with the Rhonne Design app (you can see more on that here). Obviously, I am talking about the base of that card. I printed it and then wrote on + embellished it during my PL craft session.

I have used a few close up photos in this spread and I want to do that to catch the feel of what life was like during this week.

Here is the last watercolor card I made for this spread. Again SUPER simple; paint a circle, fill it in, done! I attached a printed digital stamp from Ali Edwards ontop of the circle and called it done.

Week 29. The week before we went on a week long vacation. We were savoring being home, in the garden, by the lake, eating cool sallads on hot days.

For the spreads first page I used trusted techniques; short journaling, large photos, from where I stand kind of photos, journaling on labels and journaling directly on photos.

I love the "here I am" stamp from Cocoa Daisy! I feel that I am going to be able to used it on many projects.

This week we also enjoyed little brother snuggles, really good icecream, wedding photography and family time.

On the second page I used a lot of small labels on the photos for both journaling and embellishments.

The July Cocoa Daisy kit had Amy Tangerine´s sewing templates and I have used one of the words on the template for this photo of me reading in the backyard. This is such a fun way to add that little extra to a layout or a card in PL!

Ok, that´s two more weeks in the books!

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