Thursday, August 21, 2014

Memory keeping | BFFs

I love that my daughter has such sweet friends. This one especially since she is so kind and warmhearted.

I dived into my scrap stash for this page. I had some of that cute paper left from other projects and I just added the shapes to my background. The background that is colored! Yes, I know it is a miracle! I so seldom use anything else than white as my backgrounds. But I guess sometimes things call for a little color! Back to the building shapes from patterned paper, I like to do that both with paper that calls for it i.e paper that has for example geometric shapes, but also with other papers. You can see an other example here.

I used a sketch for this page and it had two photos originally. I switch one of the slots for journaling. If you use smaller photos like this 3x4" one, it is an easy switch, and you can obviously use a journaling card too.

I also painted that chipboard speech bubble with watercolors for an other project that didm´t work out. I plowed through my embellishments and found it again and this time it fitted. Happy!

Have a great thursday!

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