Thursday, August 14, 2014

Photos + Words | A new passion

I have been a paper lover for as long as I remember. It is the way it shows itself that has changed over the years. In junior high school I went to England as an exchange student for a few weeks. When I came home I remember making collages with the photos and memorabilia. During my senior year in high school I made my first scrapbook. Or rather a photo album with a few words mixed in. After my daughter´s birth I started scrapbook more like the way I do it now. 
I took photography classes in high school and that is where my love for that started. Photography has since then evolved to become my second main passion and a small business on the side. 

The newness of which I want to talk about today, is more the craft of adding words to my photography. It is simple really; I love words, quotes and photos. I like to find ways to combine all of them. Oh, the newness is not even new, it is only new to me ;) 

I sit down with a book/magazine and cut words that spark something in me and add them to photos. Voila photo poetry! ;) 

The cuts are not perfect. The alignment is off. They are perfectly imperfect. Just the way I like them.

It is meditation really. I lay my photos out and start to flip through my books and go on a word scavenger hunt. Then I pair the words together on the photo that I feel is the right one. I can do it forever.

It grounds me. Helps me stay in the moment. Relax. After all

 "It is amazing how much we feel. Being in the present moment makes you feel happy. You do feel a lot of happiness." - Lisa BorbĂ©ly

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