Tuesday, September 30, 2014

WCS | October gallery

Hello October! And hello new gallery day! The theme for this month is Happy scraps - stash busting, using your scraps and that is one of my very favorites that I use all the time! I am so excited for this month!

Here is my project that I share in the gallery.

Tip! One of the easiest ways to stretch those cute papers is to save the little scraps from other projects and then punch circles, hearts, stars whatever from them. Using different ones like I did here also makes a big impact on the background paper. Staying with the same color scheme allows you to use big/small/floral/geometric patterns together. 

Story: My fiancé and nephew loves to play together and by chance my fiancé caught this photo of the little man as they played peek-a-bo. I love how he radiates happiness here! 

You have to go and check out the rest of the gallery! Click here and be inspired!

Art Journal Tuesday no. 4

I decided to use up a few of those letter stickers that just sit in my stash for this. It is a great way to use up your stash! 

I just added the chipboard letters to my book and painted over them. I had hoped that the pink paint would cover better, but it's ok. 

The words: be brave have been with me for 2 years soon and it is sometimes a mantra for me. 

Thanks for stopping by! Don't forgetful to be back for the new WCS gallery tommorrow!

Monday, September 29, 2014

Memory keeping | From vacation

A few weeks ago I decided to get some of the vacation photos and memories down. So I made a quick list of those I wanted to work with and then I cranked out like 6 pages! Here are two! 

I know that the photo is crocked here, and I have already fixed it :)

Story: We had such an amazing view of the sea from where we lived! We smiled each time we looked up and saw it. 

Goods: I knew that I wanted to use that cute sailboat paper that came in a Cocoa Daisy kit for this. I actually thought, Oh, I'll save this for our vacation photos!, when I got it! I didn't add a lot of journaling mostly because I thought the photo spoke for itself among the other layouts in my album. 

Story: I love this memory! By chance we found this tiny café that served breakfast. We love to eat a great breakfast! So we got up extra early two mornings just so we could eat here. The weather was crazy hot that week and they had a seating area outside in the back. It was heavenly shady and a perfect place to start the day! 

The goods: I kept it simple and clean. Typed my journaling on my typewriter first and added everything else. I loved that those letterstickers from October Afternoon matched the paper! And I love that "we were here" stamp from Cocoa Daisy, I can use that on every page! 

Done! I feel great about the fact that I have these memories in my album! 

Friday, September 26, 2014

Around here

Around here: the leaves are changing and there is a familiar chill in the air. 

Around here: I am still resting at home. Depression and anxiety is a part of my life always, but sometimes are harder than others. I try to rest, take walks and craft because I know that is good for my soul. I miss work though.

Around here: My love had a MS relapse and was at the hospital a few days. He is weak and devasted to have to use his wheelchair and walker again. He is also resting a whole lot and we are managing a few new ways of doing things. 

Around here: Stella (the kitten) has made herself right at home and is her wild self! 

Around here: The tomatoes are in their prime! We have so many and the plants are still blooming. 

Around here: most of the garden, except raspberries and blackberries and flowers, is resting after a great season.

Around here: We have decorated for autumn and are loving the darker nights with candles lit everywhere.

Around here: We are packing up to go to Gothenburg and a visit with my sister and her family. It's going to be nice to get out of the house for a while! 

Happy weekend! 

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Memory keeping | WCS sketch week 38

Every Saturday (except the last each month) it is Sketchbook Saturday over at Write Click Scrapbook. That is when Marnie makes a new sketch with inspiration from one of the layouts in the months gallery. I like to work with sketches, so I try to contribute as often as I can with a page for the sketches. 
Here is the sketch from week 38.


And here is my layout.

Since the sketch is based on a square 12x12" page, I modified it like I usually do. I used photos from our summer vacation and the beach we went to every day. Like always, I had a lot of photos from there and not every one of them will be scrapbooked, but this sketch opened up to the option of smaller photos. That is a great way to include more photos on one page!

I can´t believe how long it has been since I used anything else than a white background on my pages! I used to use kraft all the time. I think it went well with the blue toned photos. 

Thank you for stopping by!

You can go here to see the other pages made with the sketch!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Project Life 2014 | Week 36

Stories: This was the week I really felt that autumn was upon us. The weather was still great and sunny, but still with that fresh air. Stella (the kitten) was making herself at home and was all sorts of cute. 

Goods: I had a post up on the WCS blog where I share a few simple ways to use watercolors to make your own PL cards and I have used a few of those in this spread. My phone does not allow me to direct link to the post, but here it is: 

This was also the first week of the #30lists challenge and in the picture above you can see a little bit of that insert.

Stories: We still have SO many tomatoes and it is glorious! We picked sunflowers and I could still walk barefoot and sit in the backyard at night.

Goods: I have included a sample of watercolor handwriting I practiced. I think that it's fun to include current projects if possible. 

Week 36 people! 

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Art Journal Tuesday

A quick share of a page from my newly started Art Journal today. I am so happy that I have a place for some of my favorite quotes! 

You can see the other posts here!

Monday, September 22, 2014

Memory keeping | Dad

I can´t believe that it is Monday, again! Time is crazy fast these days. 

Well, to start this week of right, I thought I´d share one of my most recent scrapbook pages with you. 

Story: My daughter and her dad have always had a great relationship. After we got divorced whe she was about 2, they have seen each other every other weekend and a few weeks here and there. Now that she is older and that especially after her little brother came into the world they seem to have an even closer relationship. I am forever grateful for that. This photo was taken on my daughter´s 15th birthday at her party.

The goods: I used one of the papers from Cocoa Daisy´s September A day in the life kit for the large mat and then the B-side of the other paper for the punched out circle. Ah, the joys of kits when everything is co-ordinated!

I need a new set up for when I take photos of these layouts with white backgrounds! It is so hard getting it to not be shaded, dark or too blue.   

I hope you´ll have a great Monday!

Friday, September 19, 2014

#30lists | September 2014

30 days of lists started September 1st again. I have taken this challenge a few times before (read more here and here!) and was excited to start a new round this month. Here is a little bit more about the actual project:

 30 Days of Lists is hosted by Kam of Campfire Chic and Amy of Lemon & Raspberry. When you registered, you will receive a list prompt posted on their private blog everyday for a month. Then you will get a bunch of lists that capture your life at the end of month.  You can check out on http://30daysoflists.com or search on Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag: #30Lists

I have used the same printable that I used for this project last year. So I printed the lists and cut them all out, a few together two and two some as single cards. 

I used my typewriter to add the topics and numbers.

I opted to add the lists to my Project Life spreads just like last year, so I cut a few of my base pocket pages in half leaving me with two across. I then added 7 days worth of lists and one filler card to each insert.

First, I just wrote my lists by hand and moved on. Now, with the inspiration from other listers I have added a few stamps etc. to a few of my lists.

And even a pie-chart :) I love me some pie charts!

When I got the list topics I said out loud how many great ones there were! And it has been so much fun filling them out! This must be one of my favorite projects! And I like them right in my PL album since they are a great way to catch the right now.

Have a great Friday!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Project Life 2014 | Week 35

So, after doing this project for 3 years straight I do get a little bored...no, that is not the real word. What I mean is that sometimes doing PL feels like something I am doing the same way all the time. Sometimes I need to chenge things up a little. So I did with the week 35 spread. 

So, I turned to lists. I filled out lists for the entire first page! It totally makes me happy! Here are the sources:

1. Life Documented Manila 2. BPC 3. Life Documented Manila 4. In a creative bubble shoppe 5. Cathy Zielske 6. Life Documented Manila 7. Rukristin.com

It makes me happy just by the thought of going back in a year and reading these lists!

The second page is much more my normal layout. Photos and a few words. Stories include weather changes, blue moods, cute cats and an ode to the garden.

Lastly I made a flip pocket to hold journaling about my daughters 15th birthday.


Monday, September 15, 2014

WCS | Sketch layout week 37

Hello Monday!

I am sharing the layout I did for this past week´s Sketchbook Saturday at WCS. Here is the sketch.


I love that it has so much space for journaling! But that also means you need to write that much of journaling! Ha! To help with this "problem" I sized down the actual layout. Smart, eh!

The layout is roughly 11x28cm, I didn´t measure, but cropped the paper after I attached the photo and the photo is printed at 10x15cm. The big title took a bit of space and then I wrote my journaling by hand. It talks about how very lucky we were to be able to live in this house (or part of it) during our week long vacation this summer. As it was just right by the sea, that sailboat paper was perfect for this!

I am saving this sketch for future lenghty journaling!

Don´t forget to go check out the post on WCS where you´ll find more examples on how to use the sketch!

Ps. I have some fun scrapbooking posts in the works for this week. I hope you´ll check back!

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Memory keeping | Her & me

This layout is clearly inspired by Cathy Zielske's that she share a few weeks ago. With my daughter turning 15, I have been thinking alot about how we are alike and different all at the same time. 

I wrote the lists on my computer and just printed it on my background paper. After that I added my photo so that I knew where I could embellish. I used the paper in the August A day in the life kit from Cocoa Daisy. And my stamps. 

I love this and again it hits me that I am so happy that I get stories and memories down! 

Happy Thursday!

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Memory keeping | Jot magazine challenge

I took the new moodboard challenge presented over at Jot magazine this month. They had a great moodboard and I used something blue, something floral, something chevron from the board. It is so much fun creating from a moodboard!

Story: While on summer vacation we took this photo of our drinks at one what became our favorite place to eat. The journaling talks about how the greatest thing really was to be together and how I love travelling with him.

Goods: I used three different products for the different loves: the first one is letter stickers from Fancy Pants. I used those 3D glue dots to give the stickers some dimension. Next is chipboard letters from Lillibean Soup also on 3D glue dots. The lastly I used the chipboard lettes to trace the letters out on the floral patterned paper also from Jillibean Soup. 
I am not 100% but I think that white chevron patterned paper is from Cocoa Daisy. Either way, I cut a tag out of it and put my journaling on there. 
When I was done, it seemed a little empty on the left side, so I brought out my trused watercolors as did a little splatter. 

As always it was fun to play a little with paper and glue, and ofcourse to get the words down!

Thanks for stopping by today!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Memory keeping | From blog post to scrapbook page

In the past I have done this many times; write a blog post and then pulled the journaling from there to make a scrapbooking page. This time I used this post and added the text to a Word document with two columns to create the journaling card. Then I used a 3x4" photo of me and my daughter taken on her birthday (August 31st) to pair the words with.

I love that I got this into my album!

Project Life 2014 | Week 34

Week 34.

First page

Stories: This was the week we brought Stella home. Also the start of my daughter´s 9th school year. 

Goods: It´s not often I use a whole pocket for the same story, but this week I have. Big titles and little embellishments. 

Stories: I started an embroidery project and it felt like autumn. We visited the sunflower field and had Friday cat snuggles.

Goods: Homemade cards with stitches and watercolors, titles and tags.

All in all an ordinary spread in my PL albums!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Art Journal Tuesday | no. 2

Hello Tuesday and hello Art Journal Tuesday here on my blog! As I told you last week I started an Art journal and wanted to show you a few pages. 

For this spread I first adhered several hearts I punched from cardstock to the book pages. Then I painted the pages white with two layers. I wanted to use that Instax photo I took while visiting the sunflowerfield and needed a good quote to go with it. I happened upon this one:

"If I were a flower, I would be a sunflower. To always follow the sun, turn my back to darkness, stand proud, tall and straight even with my head full of seeds." Pam Stewart

I liked it very much. And I like the spread too :)

Monday, September 8, 2014

WCS | Sketchbook Saturday September 6th

Every Saturday (except the last each month) it is Sketchbook Saturday over at Write Click Scrapbook. That is when Marnie makes a new sketch with inspiration from one of the layouts in the months gallery. I like to work with sketches, so I try to contribute as often as I can with a page for the sketches. 

This past Saturday the sketch was actually based upon one of my pages in the gallery, see below.


Here is the sketch. In the original I used two photos, but the sketch does allow you to change it up as you like. 


I decided to make an other page using the sketch. I thought now that the trips of paper can be changed to washi tape! Anyway, I used scraps of paper for mine. Also strips of journaing. Strips for the win! 
And pink with grey is my favorite colorcombo right now.

Go check out the other pages made with the sketch! Oh, and happy Monday!

Friday, September 5, 2014

Moodboard inspiration | September

Here is the moodboard I created for my September projects. I have already started! 

You can see all links to the images by clicking here

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Memory keeping | circles, circles and circles

While on vacation this summer, I brought along a box of supplies with me because I know I can´t go an entire week without playing :) This layout is one of, I believe, 6 I either started and/or finished while away. Can you see I had my small circle punch in that box?! Hehe... Well, I punched a whole bunch from paper scraps I had with me and then cut them in half, because why not! I like the look of the miss matched circles together. Also, they are really lined up straight, but for the life of me I couldn´t get a photo of it right.

For this layout I only did the journaling at home, because my typewriter obviously doesn´t fit in said box! 

I have had so much fun scrapping about my nephews and nieces this last few months! You can see more pages here, here, and here

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Project Life 2014 | Week 33

Week 33 is in the books and here on the blog. It was a typical work week and then we spend the weekend babysitting my nephew at my sister´s house. 

I used a few things from Cocoa Daisy´s A day in the life kit from August on this spread. Also one of my printables you can get for free here! As the last few weeks I haven´t gotten so many words as photos. 

I wanted to include a little about Robin Williams as this was the week of him passing. I found that photo on social media somewhere and printed it out. I added it to a flip pocket and underneath I have written a few of my favorite movies of his. 

That awesome coffee card is from Big City Quiet!

The second page of the spread is basically Friday-Sunday. I really liked the bright colors in that CD kit!

Ok, that was week 33!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Art Journal Tuesday | New edition to my many hobbies

Art journals have most often meant very artsy whimsical journals for me. I am not like that, so I thought ok that is not for me. But I have always been interested in them and been inspired by them. This summer I discovered Andrea  on Instagram and she is such an organized and clean scrapbooker, but you see, she does Art journaling. Yes, I know! She however does it in a way that I totally could do it too. Her spreads are calmer and more graphic in a sense and they inspired me so very much. After browsing her stuff and seeing other Art journalers that she follows etc. I took the plunge and started my own. 

I like to buy old beautiful books at second hand stores mostly because of their covers. I often just use pages for different projects. But this time I decided to use it as my journal. I work right on the pages with different techniques. I have started a pinterest board I call Art journaling Inspiration where I save pages that inspire me and techniques I want to try. It is all very exciting, really!

I thought that I´d leave one day a week where I share a new spread in my journal: Art Journal Tuesday! 

This is my very first pages in the journal. I blended white acrylic with a little bit of water to paint the pages. I worked on the right page first and thought, at first, this was going to be it. But when it was finished, the left page needed something too. So, I added the stamped quote. This is also when I decided that my journal will be a place for the quotes I love too!

Thanks for stopping by!

Monday, September 1, 2014

WCS | September gallery

Happy September and happy month of Back to school! I love school and especially the first day when I always was so eager and organized ;) That didn´t always last the first term, but it did make me very happy! One of my favorite movie line is from You´ve got mail when Kathleen Kelly (Meg Ryan´s character) writes to her secret mail buddy: 

“Don't you love New York in the fall? It makes me want to buy school supplies. I would send you a bouquet of newly sharpened pencils if I knew your name and address.”

Ah, it makes me giddy!

The September gallery at WCS is Back to school themed! Yay! I shared two pages this month.

I love that we drove through the little town where my very first school is this summer. I haven´t been there for like 10 years! 

I remember just a few things about my first school. I remember it being large, but it really wasn´t. I remember my first classroom where 2 grades attended. I remember a boy liked me so much that the teacher just had to place us together, so that he´d concentrate. I remember repeating the same letter in different ways until we learned them. I remember how heavy the front door was. I remember the Christmas show we put on. 

I used Amy Tangerine´s stitch templates for this and it is so much fun! 

This layout is a timeline with a photo of my daughters first day of first grade and her first day of nineth grade. I just wanted to have the two photos on the same layout as a comparison, so I just added scraps of paper and labels between them. Sometimes it is fun to make a layout without writing an important story, but just to play with paper! And how fun is it to be able to use some great scraps from cute patterned paper when you play!

Now skip over to WCS and see more back to school pprojects in the new gallery!

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