Friday, September 19, 2014

#30lists | September 2014

30 days of lists started September 1st again. I have taken this challenge a few times before (read more here and here!) and was excited to start a new round this month. Here is a little bit more about the actual project:

 30 Days of Lists is hosted by Kam of Campfire Chic and Amy of Lemon & Raspberry. When you registered, you will receive a list prompt posted on their private blog everyday for a month. Then you will get a bunch of lists that capture your life at the end of month.  You can check out on or search on Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag: #30Lists

I have used the same printable that I used for this project last year. So I printed the lists and cut them all out, a few together two and two some as single cards. 

I used my typewriter to add the topics and numbers.

I opted to add the lists to my Project Life spreads just like last year, so I cut a few of my base pocket pages in half leaving me with two across. I then added 7 days worth of lists and one filler card to each insert.

First, I just wrote my lists by hand and moved on. Now, with the inspiration from other listers I have added a few stamps etc. to a few of my lists.

And even a pie-chart :) I love me some pie charts!

When I got the list topics I said out loud how many great ones there were! And it has been so much fun filling them out! This must be one of my favorite projects! And I like them right in my PL album since they are a great way to catch the right now.

Have a great Friday!

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