Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Art Journal Tuesday | New edition to my many hobbies

Art journals have most often meant very artsy whimsical journals for me. I am not like that, so I thought ok that is not for me. But I have always been interested in them and been inspired by them. This summer I discovered Andrea  on Instagram and she is such an organized and clean scrapbooker, but you see, she does Art journaling. Yes, I know! She however does it in a way that I totally could do it too. Her spreads are calmer and more graphic in a sense and they inspired me so very much. After browsing her stuff and seeing other Art journalers that she follows etc. I took the plunge and started my own. 

I like to buy old beautiful books at second hand stores mostly because of their covers. I often just use pages for different projects. But this time I decided to use it as my journal. I work right on the pages with different techniques. I have started a pinterest board I call Art journaling Inspiration where I save pages that inspire me and techniques I want to try. It is all very exciting, really!

I thought that I´d leave one day a week where I share a new spread in my journal: Art Journal Tuesday! 

This is my very first pages in the journal. I blended white acrylic with a little bit of water to paint the pages. I worked on the right page first and thought, at first, this was going to be it. But when it was finished, the left page needed something too. So, I added the stamped quote. This is also when I decided that my journal will be a place for the quotes I love too!

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