Project Life 2014 | Week 35

So, after doing this project for 3 years straight I do get a little, that is not the real word. What I mean is that sometimes doing PL feels like something I am doing the same way all the time. Sometimes I need to chenge things up a little. So I did with the week 35 spread. 

So, I turned to lists. I filled out lists for the entire first page! It totally makes me happy! Here are the sources:

1. Life Documented Manila 2. BPC 3. Life Documented Manila 4. In a creative bubble shoppe 5. Cathy Zielske 6. Life Documented Manila 7.

It makes me happy just by the thought of going back in a year and reading these lists!

The second page is much more my normal layout. Photos and a few words. Stories include weather changes, blue moods, cute cats and an ode to the garden.

Lastly I made a flip pocket to hold journaling about my daughters 15th birthday.



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