Friday, November 28, 2014

Project Life 2014 | Week 46

Hello! I am sharing week 46 in my PL album today. As I said before, the days are dark and gloomy and it is hard to get a really good photo of my project this time of the year, but I hope that you bare with me!

I have used a few of the cards in this printable and I think they are so cute! They go so well with the tone of my photos.

The stories this week were about teenage-ary :) and I have some hidden journaling behind a photo on the spread. I want to remember it, but ofcourse don´t want to put my girl out there. Flip pockets are so much fun!

The stories were also about calm days and city going days.

I used one of the cards for my status updates on Facebook that week, I did my journaling on the computer, printed the card and added the date stamps.

The stories were also about Holiday cards, Friday flowers, garden pickings and wrapping the first Christmas presents.

I love the simplicity of this spread and can´t believe that the year is almost over. My third full year of documenting our daily lifes like this. I am so happy for that!

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

From Pin to reality | From quote to page

My Brain Has Too Many Tabs Open

I am happy to write another From pin to reality post! They are rare these days unfortunately. This is where I acctually use all those pins I pin on Pinterest and make something with them! 

Today I want to show you this page that was inspired by this quote. I certainly have a brain with way too many tabs open! And it usually is a bad thing for me since it causes me stress and anxiety. I am working on doing one thing at the time and to really focus, but it is hard. 

With this last few weeks with extremly grey and gloomy weather it is a challenge to take a decent photo of my layouts. Bare with me! 

I rarely use patterned paper for backgrounds, but it has occured more often as of late. I see now that the journaling I did on my typewriter is a little bit washed out on that patterned, but I will leave it as is. I took that selfie a few months ago and thought it would be perfect for a page like this! 

How about you? Does your brain have too many tabs open?

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

December daily | past years and this year

I have done a few years of December daily which was started by Ali Edwards. The first years I did indeed do one entry for each day in December, but later I have done a few twists of my own. 

1. 2011 #2 here and the finished book here

In 2011 I did my whole minibook around lists from (then) Ella Publishing. Click the links above to read more about it, but it was basically I had one Holiday related list that I filled out every day. Lists are so much fun and easy to worked with.

2. 2012 post #1 How I made my book

In 2012, I didn´t finish my book, but had the intention to work from prompts. Which is basically the same as the lists thing really. 

And then last year I decided to start a new December minibook. It is a Sn@p binder in 6x8 size and I am recording different December memories in it. My plan is to record 3 years of Decembers in this binder. A few things will be the same; decorating the tree etc. but that is kind of the point as I want to record traditions from year to year. I am allowing myself to play with both product and techniques in this project, which also makes it different from year to year. I am super excited to start this years part! I have already printed pictures of a few decorations and the first gifts for this year. 

Thanks for stopping by!

Monday, November 24, 2014

8 DIY Holiday crafts from the archives

1. The gift of time 2. 3 DIY ornaments 3. Personalized ornaments 4. Advent calendar ideas 5. Cute packaging for cookies 6. Advent candle holders 7. Felted snowmen 8. Wrapping ideas

Here is a collection of Holidat crafts I have done past years, Some are for gifts others for wrapping and yet others are just for fun! I hope these can inspire you to make something fun this Holiday season! Oh, and happy Monday!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Working on right now

I always have a few projects going on at the same time and since I don´t have a deadline for these (if it´s not for Christmas) they are not a stressing factor. Otherwise having too much on my plate causes me anxiety, but crafts are usually my way to relax.

These are a few of the projects I have been working on lately.

A few years ago I made a quilt top using our old jeans. I love how it turned out and it is quite large, but I have never made the last steps towards finishing it. So since I wanted to make us new Christmas stockings, I used that quilt top as my fabric. 

I draw a big stocking using freezer paper and cut the shape out. 

I lined the upper part with a linen fabric from my stash. I still have to sew a loop to hang it from. 

While I had my linen fabric out I was inspired to make a new table runner for our Thanksgiving dinner. I searched Pinterest for simple graphic patterns and ended up finding one that I have modyfied into this. I did the old freezer paper trick to transfer my pattern onto the fabric. It´s where you trace your pattern on one side with pencil and then put that side ontop of the fabric, then using pencil trace the backside of that paper. The pressure will get the first pencil lines onto the fabric.

I always have to have something in my hands while I watch TV, so I worked on this for two nights and it was finished! I love a quick project!

I made the same pattern on three places on my table runner like this.

Ah, this is a fun one! I used this pattern to crochet mittens! They are fairly easy to do and to change the size on. I have made 2 pairs, one for me and one pair will be a gift! 

I am always so pleased with myself when I can crochet something to wear!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Project Life 2014 | Week 45 using a challenge by Nina

For week 45 I decided to play along with Nina´s black and white challenge!  I opted to use all black and white photos for the spread. I converted them using the app PicTapGo on my iPhone and added the "lights on" effect so that they would be alittle bit washed out.

I used a light pink and teal color scheme for my colors and grey to go with the photos. Everything I used is from kits from Cocoa Daisy. I am so happy to be able to get their kits every month!

I almost never do one story per pocket like this, but I wanted to make mini layouts for each of the pockets. I am happy I tried it out!

For the second page I kept the mini layout theme, but also added the wishlists of the kids in our family. I added them last year too and think it is a cool thing to remember.

I used a little bit of this and that for the other pockets; a few buttons from my stash, wood veneer, washi tape and some bits from Shimelles line.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Holiday Crafts 2014

Hello Monday! And hello beginning of the Holiday crafts season! I always have a list of things I want to try/make/bake for the Holidays. Sometimes they are meant to be gifts and other times they are things for decorating or just plain for fun! 
Today I present to you the top 10 things on my (hoping to make) Holiday crafts list of 2014! These are pins from Pinterest and if you click the links it'll get you to the pin. 

Rudolph Cookies // So cute and simple. An M&M or Skittle for the nose.

Christmas Burlap Stockings. - 3 lace and 3 fleece cuff, via Etsy. Would make great family stockings! Also, mini versions across a wall for Christmas decor would be adorable!

paper tree

Adorable Sock Snowmen- now I will start keeping those run-away socks without a partner!

DIY jolies rosaces en papier

Christmas Pom Pom Wreath

Instructions are in German but there's lots of pictures. Non-German speakers can easily figure this out. Cute easy way to decorate a window for Christmas.

Mitten Garland

sweet Christmas box ornament

If you'd like, you can check out my boards and maybe follow me over at Pinterest: 

Thursday, November 13, 2014

WCS | Inspired by your photo

Note: This post was first written for on November 12th 2014.

"Look around and allow what you see to impact the pages you create." -The November theme

I am loving this month´s theme! I am inspired by stuff around me all the time, so I thought I´d show you my latest layout that was inspired by by my photo. 

I don´t usually pay more attention to the colors in my photo than that I might match one of the colors in my layout to it. But this time I loved how autumnly it all felt in the photo and since I love fall, I wanted to really use that as a jumping off point for the whole page. 
I usually use white cardstock for my backgrounds, but felt like the kraft one better suited that fall feel and matched the red color scheme. I went through my scraps and picked out a few muted red patterned papers and traced a few leaf shapes to go with my fall theme. I also picked out a sticker list where I 
filled out some stuff about me right now that went with the colors also. 

It is so easy to be inspired and influenced by the world around us!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Project Life 2014 | Week 44


There were walks in the forest that looked beautiful with the leaves changing.

There was a trip to IKEA.

There was a day with 13380 steps taken!

There were walks outside with the kitten.

There were a lot of tomatoes picked.

Halloween celebrated with dinner and pumkins carved.


I used a few cards from my Cocoa Daisy A day in the life kit, but also trimmed down the paper I got in the same kit. I also had a few moments to trim down a few papers in my scraps with orange papers. I had made that little Hama bead pumpkin to have on the table as I set it for our Halloween dinner and included one here in the spread.

Thanks for checking in!

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Around here

Around here the garden is still giving us berries, tomatoes (so many!) and flowers.

Around here we savor the light. The days are getting shorter and darker. 

Around here we have tomatoes on the window sill to ripen.

Around here the cats are more inside since the nights are getting colder. 

Around here I am getting started on Holiday crafts. 

Around here we woke up to our first snow. The ground was still warm so it didn't last very long. But still exciting! 

Around here we are doing homework daily on the week days. 

How does your life look right now?

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Project Life 2014 | Week 43 ~ Creative Jumpstarts no.2

Welcome to week 43 in my Pl album! I decided to play along with Marcy Penner´s and Stephanie Bryan´s Creative Jumpstarts challenge no. 2. The challenge was to create a PL spread with the color yellow. This suited me great since I love yellow!

Both the Kraft edition and Midnight edition from Becky Higgins works great for this challenge since there are several cards that have yellow in them. So, I used a few of those on the spread. I also used a few cards from the October A day in the life kit from Cocoa Daisy. 

I added a yellow leaf I found during a walk. I pressed it in a book before adding it in.

In that last pocket on this page I knew I have to add something yellow since the photos have a whole different color scheme. So I added a folded punched out circle as a tab since I have some journaling behind the photos.

I love to be challenged when I am creating these days. It inspires me!

Monday, November 3, 2014

Document your gratitude

Hello November!

I have made it a tradition to document my gratitude during November. I think it goes back to about 2009. This year I am doing it very easy and will use our Gratitude minibook that we got from Monika. I will also include these gratitudes in my Project Life album somehow. Perhaps just a journaling card where I list the whole week, I would really like to have it there too. 

Here is a few links from 2013 where I share our gratitude journal!

In 2010 I used a free printable from Monika to make a little minibook where I listed my daily gratitudes.

How are you documenting your gratitude this year?

Saturday, November 1, 2014

WCS | November gallery

Welcome November! As usual there is a new gallery filled with all things glitter, sparkle and shine!

Here is my page. I don´t usually use that many glittery things on my pages. Come to think about it I don´t have a lot of glittery things to scrapbook about either! Anyway, I chose to make a page about my jewelry. I don´t wear a lot of jewelry and the ones I do wear are not very “blingy”. No, I like my silver cuff that I never take off. And my engagement ring that I love. I also wear some other thin silver rings sometimes. That´s it!

I added a few rhinestones to the page to add bling and thought I had some glitter dots in the right color, but they were gold. So, I made my own! Those dots you see above were made by punching out circles from my square 3D dots and then adding silver glitter on one of the sticky sides. Easy peasy!

I am so happy that this page got done, I love that I now have it to look back at!

Now, hop on over to check out the rest of the gallery!

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