Tuesday, November 25, 2014

December daily | past years and this year

I have done a few years of December daily which was started by Ali Edwards. The first years I did indeed do one entry for each day in December, but later I have done a few twists of my own. 

1. 2011 #2 here and the finished book here

In 2011 I did my whole minibook around lists from (then) Ella Publishing. Click the links above to read more about it, but it was basically I had one Holiday related list that I filled out every day. Lists are so much fun and easy to worked with.

2. 2012 post #1 How I made my book

In 2012, I didn´t finish my book, but had the intention to work from prompts. Which is basically the same as the lists thing really. 

And then last year I decided to start a new December minibook. It is a Sn@p binder in 6x8 size and I am recording different December memories in it. My plan is to record 3 years of Decembers in this binder. A few things will be the same; decorating the tree etc. but that is kind of the point as I want to record traditions from year to year. I am allowing myself to play with both product and techniques in this project, which also makes it different from year to year. I am super excited to start this years part! I have already printed pictures of a few decorations and the first gifts for this year. 

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