Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Working on right now

I always have a few projects going on at the same time and since I don´t have a deadline for these (if it´s not for Christmas) they are not a stressing factor. Otherwise having too much on my plate causes me anxiety, but crafts are usually my way to relax.

These are a few of the projects I have been working on lately.

A few years ago I made a quilt top using our old jeans. I love how it turned out and it is quite large, but I have never made the last steps towards finishing it. So since I wanted to make us new Christmas stockings, I used that quilt top as my fabric. 

I draw a big stocking using freezer paper and cut the shape out. 

I lined the upper part with a linen fabric from my stash. I still have to sew a loop to hang it from. 

While I had my linen fabric out I was inspired to make a new table runner for our Thanksgiving dinner. I searched Pinterest for simple graphic patterns and ended up finding one that I have modyfied into this. I did the old freezer paper trick to transfer my pattern onto the fabric. It´s where you trace your pattern on one side with pencil and then put that side ontop of the fabric, then using pencil trace the backside of that paper. The pressure will get the first pencil lines onto the fabric.

I always have to have something in my hands while I watch TV, so I worked on this for two nights and it was finished! I love a quick project!

I made the same pattern on three places on my table runner like this.

Ah, this is a fun one! I used this pattern to crochet mittens! They are fairly easy to do and to change the size on. I have made 2 pairs, one for me and one pair will be a gift! 

I am always so pleased with myself when I can crochet something to wear!

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