Wednesday, December 10, 2014

WCS | Scrapbook everyday life in December

Welcome to reality! I want to talk a little about recording life in December, but without it surrounding the Holidays. We all know that life happens very much in December like it does any other month of the year, but a lot of us memory keepers tend to capture the Holiday aspect of the month. Instead here are a few ways I have recorded our everyday life in December.

As our weather typically changes during December, I have done a few weather related layouts in the past. This one above is a new page I did for this post. The journaling talks about how beautiful the sunrise can be in the wintertime, when snow is on the ground and it gets really cold. 


This is an older page from when we had the dogs too. I remember how much they loved to be outside in the snow! I am so happy I got this photo of the cats and Dixon watching the outside world, him longing to go out and the cats happy to be inside.


In Sweden the kids get grades at winter break and summer break. This is a page about my daughter´s first grades in Junior high. Even though the photos was taken infront of the tree, it is not Christmas related at all. If anything, the tree shows that it was a winter break grade not a summer one. 

So, am I right? Do we scrapbookers tend to focus more on Holiday related stuff in December?

Ps. This post was first written for Write Click Scrapbook and can be viewed here!

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