Saturday, January 17, 2015

Around here | Week 3

Around here the weather changes almost from day to day. This past weekend we had a big storm  that destroyed a lot of our woods. The morning after we had a few inches of snow and it kept snowing all day. Then a few days later the temps were up to 5 degrees again. I can´t wait ´til spring!

Around here we are settling in to normal routine with work and school. My daughter started her last semester in Jr high and she needs to make an effort to get some of her grades up to be able to get into the High school that she wants. We are doing homework together and once again I thank God I went to school as long as I did! Math is really the only subject I can´t handle, but thankfully she has a smart dad!

Around here we are getting ready to get the house on the market. This past summer we decided to sell the house and get something else together. It makes sense to start over somewhere else, but I will miss my garden terribly. I do look forward to the changes, it is always exciting to set up house somewhere new. We want to stay on the island ofcourse.

Around here I am working on my first bigger knit project. I hope that it will eventually turn out as a sweater! I am such a beginner, but the pattern (in my head) isn´t that complicated. I love having something to do in front of the TV!

Happy weekend!

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