Thursday, January 29, 2015

Around here

Around here the weather really is all over the place! In the last week we have had temps ranging from -4 to 5. 
Most nights are cold so the car is usually covered in frost in the morning, but then it usually melts during the day. 

So I was taking out the trash the other day and spotted these snowdrops! In January. In Sweden! Crazy early! 

Around here I am sick. Again. Since working with the youngest kids at work I have been sick several times. They say their germs are extra toxic and I suppose they are right! I am over it by now. I have been home laying on the couch for most of the week, coughing and without my voice.

Hot lemon water is my besties and yarn is my Buddy ;) 

Around here my girl is going through a tough time, but we are so thrilled she has  taken up an old hobby! 

Around here my love is getting some new meds for his MS. We are both anxious and troubled to see what this will bring. 

Around here our wedding invitations are waiting to be put in envelopes and send out. I have also made the first decorations for the big day. DIY post coming soon. Can you guess our colors?! 

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