Tuesday, January 6, 2015

OLW 2015 | more/less

I didn´t choose a word of the year in 2014. In 2013 I had brave. I needed to be brave about so many things after the divorce and all and I felt comforted by reading brave quotes I found around the web. 

For this year I chose more/less. It is technically two words, but you can´t have one without the other in this case. A few times the past year I have felt detached from the right now. Always one step ahead and with what felt like a million tasks going on at the same time. I had a stress-test made and I was in the danger-zone for stressrelated issues like heartproblems. This, clearly, made me stop and think. 

I need to change many things, but I am going to focus on just a few at a time. One aspect is my weight. I have let myself go and I know I would feel better if I´d loose a few kilos. This means MORE walks - LESS time spend sitting down, mainly on the couch and infront of the computer. See how I used my OLW there?!

Stree also equals anxiety for me and that ofcourse is a big issue. So I nee to do MORE breathing = LESS anxiety. Which also give MORE patience and LESS freaking out. Well, you can see where I am going right?! 

I am loosely working with the class material from 2011 when I took Ali Edward´s One little word class. Then I am just going to see where it takes me. You know, MORE simplicity - LESS complicating! 

Here´s to MORE yes and LESS backing out in 2015!

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