Friday, January 23, 2015

Project Life 2015 | Week 3

Hurray! I am back to making one hour spreads! When I swithed album/pocket sizes for the new year, I had a hard time figuring out the photos vs. words ratio since I had much less space than before. Week 1 I felt almost stumped and was thinking I had made a mistake by leaving a good system behind. But then I decided that I just needed a new routine, so I plugged through and this past Sunday as I made my week 3 spread it felt really good! Yes!

I opted with not doing very much journaling since the photos talk for themselves and to be honest, I didn´t have that much to say. I do struggle with including more words. I know lists work and "in-review" kind of journaling, so I am trying to use more of those! 

Card from Rachel at Big City Quiet etsy shop.

How do you work when the journaling doesn´t come easy?

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