Sunday, February 22, 2015

35 favorite moments of my 35th year

Me and Elise  share a birthday and I am always inspired by how she sums up her past year on her birthday. This year she listed her favorite moments from last year. Her post encouraged me to look back and pick my favorite moments. I acctually went through my 2014 Project Life albums to help jog my memory. Perfect! So here we go!

1. The SPA weekend we went on with my sisters and their husbands in January was so good!

2. The beginning of February when we had temps around 10 degrees celcius!

3. When I finally got my act together and took care of boring but important bank stuff.

4. When we bbq´d down at the water in February.

5. The fact that on March 10th it was light outside at 7.41 am!

6. When we started seedlings for our garden.

7. When we were able to buy two big bags of groceries for charity.

8. At a flea market I got to flip through hundreds of vintage black and white photos.

9. When our cherry tree bloomed.

10. When we built our garden boxes together.

11. When I dug a new flower bed in the garden.

12. When me and Stina went to a movie and we were the only one there!

13. The day of Stinas confirmation. We had a party and everything turned out great!

14. The day my Stellan fell in love with a big dahlia at the nursery!

15. When the liliacs bloomed early.

16. When we bought our garden umbrella and we spend the whole day deciding where the perfect spot would be!

17. When I became a Borbély again after many, many years.

18. Mother´s day when I got a letter from my Stina.

19. When we saw the first sprouts in the veggie garden.

20. The night we played UNO in the garden together.

21. The all girls trip to Gothenburg.

22. When we made a whole lot of rhubarb jam and lemonade.

23. Date night at HVA hotel.

24. The day we finally could harvest our garden!

25. Midsummer´s eve with Stina and Oskar.

26. 5 liters of strawberry lemonade and 5 jars of jam!

27. When Stina started working at Öbergs again.

28. The day we first saw Stella.

29. When we realized Stina outgrew me by 7 cm.

30. The unbelievably hot weather we had late summer!

31. All the beauty that we Grebbestad.

32. The breakfasts we had in the cool backyard.

33. The ocean swims.

34. To come home again after a week´s vacation!

35. When everyone was at our house and we swam forever in the warm lake.

Bonus moments:

Movies again with Stina and we were all alone again!

When we lit the lights out in the tree one night.

When we got Stella home.

The breakfast we had all together on the morning of Stina´s first day of 9th grade.

Visiting the sunflower field.

That we picked tomatoes well into November!

When all we had to buy for dinner was meat, the rest was homegrown!

When we bought the first pumpkins of the season.

Going to meetings about High school!

When Stina had baked a cake for us when we got home from a long day in the city.

When we finally could deck the halls for Christmas.

Learning to knit.

Deciding on a wedding date!

Spending Christmas and New years with my family.

Wow! Do a list yourself! It is so much fun going back to see how much joy there is.

Now I am 36 and I am looking forward to make a list next year again!

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