Friday, March 6, 2015

Around here

Around here: I got the prettiest knitted gift ever from a friend in Finland. I was so suprised and it was an awesome way to start of an otherwise normal grey week! 

Around here: we had our last snow at beginning of the week. Well we are hoping it's the last snow ;)

Around here: I have been super tired and feeling blue. It's so hard getting up from that place right now. Crafts, coffee and hugs help. 

Around here: we had great weather the last days of the week. We sat outside in the sun on Thursday and Sally was basking in the sun with us.

Around here: This happened today. For the last time ever I cut the old flowers in my garden. It's crazy how much I have loved this garden and how sad I am to leave it behind. Don't get me wrong, I am very excited to start over with my love and am looking forward to move in to the new place. But man, all the emotions are killing me.

Around here: we have taken a big decision to postpon our wedding. With the house going on the market, sorting through years of stuff and other blah stuff we just wasn't up for planning what we wanted to be the happiest days of our lifes. It's all ok though, we still are madly in love and very content :) 

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