Friday, April 17, 2015

@36 (february 2015)

This post was written just before my 36th birthday in February.

Making: stuff for different themes for my creative teams. Gifts and decorations for friends. And always scrapbooking layouts and weekly PL spreads.

Thinking: About our future and all the work it will take to move forward. But also how I am looking forward to the change.

Planning: For a weekend at birthday parties, including my own. Our wedding and move.

Worrying: About the house sale and the conflicts and work that comes with that. I worry about Stina, her well-being and future.

Pinning: Super simple knitting projects and ofcourse the usual paper/craft pins!

Wearing: Jeans. Finally my new jeans are soft and worn enough to be my favorite! New jeans are not my thing. I am wearing more and more dark and navy blue.

Drinking: More and more water, both hot and cold. But a cup of coffee in the morning is a must!

Struggling: with feeling blue and thinking everything is hard.

Loving: the support of my family and the thought of starting fresh.

Reading: Springfloden by Börjlind and Life after you by Moyes.

Listening to: podcasts like This American Life and Dear Sugar. To audiobooks and old favorite tunes.

Needing: space and time by myself. To saty grounded and in the moment and a lot of rest.

Starting: to purge the house/garage.

Feeling: all the feelings.

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