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The new place

Sorry guys for going missing again! We have moved and stuff happens :) Anyway, during my down time I have both scrapbooked, crafted and took photos so I do have some fun posts coming! I´d thought I´d start with showing you a little bit of our new place. 
The move went smooth and quick. We had a lot of help and we are ever so thankful for that! We moved in May 1st and I think we have settled and gotten most of everything done by now. We still have to mow the old garden for the new owners and pull the very last boxes in to storage.

If you follow me on Instagram (username: lisaborbely) you have already seen my very favorite part of this new place; the view. We have a deck and small garden facing down to the lake and the view is breathtaking sometimes!

Sally (and the other cats) have settled nicely and we are suprised of how easyily the move have gone for them. 

The apartment is on ground level and the house is split in two seperate apartments. It´s newly renovated and every room has bri…