Monday, July 27, 2015

Memory keeping | Happy days and I made this

I am sharing two pages today. This first one is a simple layout using white on white circles. Using 3D glue dots make the circles pop and add dimension. 

Picture 1 of I made this by lisafisa

As a way to remember my late grandmother I made a wreath using her stash of embroidery yarn. It was a lot of work, but so worth it! I used these great PL cards I got in a kit from Studio Calico that were perfect for a craft project. I am loving black and white at the moment, with just a splash of color.

I hope that you all have a great Monday!

Friday, July 17, 2015

The new garden

Since we moved a lot has happened in our new garden. When we moved in we brought our rised beds and eagerly put them together quickly. Originally there were just grass and a few bushes and some flowers in the beds along the house. 

We brought a few plants from our old garden like strawberries, my peony and another flower.

The narcissus was almost gone and we had a few small rosebushes along the house and a larger bush by the front. 

As we knew we were moving, we hold up starting our seeds until we moved. So we were a little bit late this year. 

This year we got tomatoe plants from friends and as the summer hasn´t been that warm yet, we keep moving them inside at night. 

These rose bushes grows the biggest and most lushes roses I have ever seen!

Watering at night is one of my favorite things about gardening!

Here is the view from our back veranda. 

The tomatoes has grown and we could pick the first ripe ones this week! 

And so begins the harvest season! 

Have a great day! 

Monday, July 13, 2015

Memory keeping | Layouts

I haven´t shared so many scrapbooking layouts here lately, but I do upload them to my gallery at Studio Calico regularly, so be sure to look there too! But I had these two layouts already here in a draft post, so I thought I´d share these.

These are made a few months ago. In May I think. I have been loving to divide the background lately. The above layout is a simple one just stating her favorites right now (then). But I love the colors together. 

Beginning to add seeds to pots is really joy for me. That feels like the start of the gardening season. 
I have a post set up to show you the new garden we have now. 
For this layout I also used several papers to create a divided background, but I also used the lower triangle to tuck the tag behind. I think it gives the layout an other dimension. 

As I said, please feel free to visit my gallery to see more layouts eventhough I will be blogging them also. 

Friday, July 10, 2015

Pocket Letters no.2

A while ago I wrote a post about a newfound love to make Pocket Letters. You can read it here. Since then I have send out a few more and recieved several also. It is still so much fun!

Sometimes when I feel creative but don´t have any scrapbooking to do, I work on the background for a new Pocket Letter. You can see a few of the ones I have send out above. I usually go with a color scheme for the background cards. 

This one was fun! I covered an entire A4 paper with strips of washi tape. (You can see a post about that here on WCS.) It is a great way to use up those rolls of washi tapes!

I cut the paper down and used that as my background cards, It is one of my favorites!

I send out this one above this week and I loved making it! I used a white cardstock and trimmed the cards, then I just used fun stamps. I then used the cards to tell more about myself in the letter I send also. For example: Card 1: I love to be creative and one of the ways is to use watercolors. Card 2: I love to document our current lives with Project Life and have been doing it for the last 3 years. 
Ok, you get the point! 

I hope this can inspire you to make your own Pocket Letter! 

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

WCS | July layout

The new gallery is up! The theme this month was to use 7 things on a page (of use the number 7 in one way or another) and at first I thought that I could never put that many products on one page, but it was easy peasy!

I made this page as a tribute to one of my daughter´s teachers that has had a big influence on her this past year. I love good, dedicated teachers! I have the journaling on a big tag behind the page and made a tag to make sure you see it when you flip through the album.

Monday, July 6, 2015

Project Life 2015 | Week 22-27

Hi there! I am back with a Project Life update post today. As I did last time, I will show you a few spreads at once.

Week 22: This was the last week in May. I have made an effort in documenting my daughters last weeks in 9th grade. In Sweden 9th grade is the last school year before the kids choose a high school of their choice. It´s a big step. So, here proom dress came and I took photos of her class sweatshirt. 

I also added a photo of me and my fiancé on International MS-day.

We celebrate Mother´s day on the last Sunday of May in Sweden and I got a wonderful cake and felt celebrated :)

Week 23: For some reason I hadn´t photographed thsi week´s spread. I´ll make sure to add it in later!

Week 24: This was the last week before summer vacation for me. My mom came to visit and we celebrated the graduation of my daughter. I added in a big journaling card by Big City Quiet to add stories from her last week at school. This is the blank card, there are several others with titles like currently, everyday life etc. Adding in 6x4" cards to journal on is my new favorite!

To the back of the journaling card insert, I added photos of her and her friends from that week.

I got a pretty rose from a few kids at work with a note, so I took a photo of it and added the note to the back of it. Washi tape on the top and it became a flip photo.

Week 25: First week of vacation! I added fun and happy stuff from the week.

To be able to add a few more photos I added that Currently card I got in a Studio Calico PL kit. You can see how I added a strip of washi tape to the edge of it to make it a flip card. I love how these types of addings bring so much dimension to a spread!

For the weekend, I opted to make 2 3x4" photo collages. Such a fun and easy way to add many photos. I added journaling to a tag I made to tuck behind the photo.

Week 26: For this week I worked with the moodboard from the Swedish PL blog I write for.

My daughter went to a One Direction concert and send several photos, and I made a 4x4" insert even before she came home :)

We went on a roadtrip to friends on Saturday and I added a fold out map of the city we visited.

And on the back of the map I just trimmed patterned paper and added to it.

A big photo hids journaling and many more photos of our first days.

Week 27: The first part of the week we were still on vacation and the photos are from there. I also added in a fun text message from my daughter to the back of...

...this photo. I cut a bigger photo in half, punched holes and added it right in there.

And on the back of the second part of the photo, I added the text about my daughter getting in to the high school of her choice!

And the second page of the spread holds photos that represent how fun it was to come home again! I printed an Ali E digital brush on plastic and added that in one of the pockets. I am going to keep that clear for next week´s spread also. Photo collages and a watercolor tag to hold the journaling.

I hope you enjoyed seeing my latest spreads!

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