Friday, July 10, 2015

Pocket Letters no.2

A while ago I wrote a post about a newfound love to make Pocket Letters. You can read it here. Since then I have send out a few more and recieved several also. It is still so much fun!

Sometimes when I feel creative but don´t have any scrapbooking to do, I work on the background for a new Pocket Letter. You can see a few of the ones I have send out above. I usually go with a color scheme for the background cards. 

This one was fun! I covered an entire A4 paper with strips of washi tape. (You can see a post about that here on WCS.) It is a great way to use up those rolls of washi tapes!

I cut the paper down and used that as my background cards, It is one of my favorites!

I send out this one above this week and I loved making it! I used a white cardstock and trimmed the cards, then I just used fun stamps. I then used the cards to tell more about myself in the letter I send also. For example: Card 1: I love to be creative and one of the ways is to use watercolors. Card 2: I love to document our current lives with Project Life and have been doing it for the last 3 years. 
Ok, you get the point! 

I hope this can inspire you to make your own Pocket Letter! 

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