Friday, July 17, 2015

The new garden

Since we moved a lot has happened in our new garden. When we moved in we brought our rised beds and eagerly put them together quickly. Originally there were just grass and a few bushes and some flowers in the beds along the house. 

We brought a few plants from our old garden like strawberries, my peony and another flower.

The narcissus was almost gone and we had a few small rosebushes along the house and a larger bush by the front. 

As we knew we were moving, we hold up starting our seeds until we moved. So we were a little bit late this year. 

This year we got tomatoe plants from friends and as the summer hasn´t been that warm yet, we keep moving them inside at night. 

These rose bushes grows the biggest and most lushes roses I have ever seen!

Watering at night is one of my favorite things about gardening!

Here is the view from our back veranda. 

The tomatoes has grown and we could pick the first ripe ones this week! 

And so begins the harvest season! 

Have a great day! 

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