Tuesday, August 25, 2015

My favorites from Week in the life

Yes, I did the Week in the life project together with thousands of others and Ali Edwards. I took a relaxed approach and still don't know if I will do anything with the photos. I already did a regular Project life spread of the week. So maybe I'll just leave it at that. Today I thought I'd share a few of my favorite captures of the week. For this project I chose to focus on my days.

Monday: I had appointments in the city all day, but could also meet up with my daughter for a few hours. I love that she offered to take a few photos of us while I was driving.

Monday: Night time. My nightstand. My stuff.

Tuesday: I had three super early mornings this week. Which also meant quite early evenings. Eventhough it does get darker earlier already, at 9 pm it is still light out. 

Tuesday: My daughter called from the ferry and asked if we could come meet her. So we took our bikes down to the harbour and went home together.

Friday: I am a homebody. Like for real. And when I walk into our livingroom I was struck by how cozy it looked. 

Saturday: Minigolfing on a perfect Saturday. We had so much fun! 

Sunday: This perfectly sums up my Sunday. A lazy, creative day.

As I said before, perhaps this is all I'll do with this project. But I'm happy that I decided to do it! 

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