Tuesday, October 20, 2015

140 happy things in 140 days

75 somewhat days ago I started a happiness project on my Instagram that I call 140 happy things in 140 days. When I started it was 140 days until Christmas and I thought that would be a good goal day. In my first post I asked if anyone would like to join in and there were several people who thought it was a good idea! As of right now our hashtag #140happythingsin140days has 560 posts! Isn´t that great! 

Above you can see a few of my posts. I share big things I am happy about, like having a garden to take care of. And small things, like having a lazy day with sunshine. Just thinking about the list of happy things makes me excited! 

The plan is to somehow compile all the photos into some sort of album. I haven´t yet decided on the format. I haven´t decided if this is something I will do again after the 140 days are up either. But as it feels right now, I am totally ready for something like this again.

Wanna join in? Check out the hashtag  #140happythingsin140days for more info!

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