Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Love Where You Live | my home pages from the archives

I recently had a serenditity chance to take the latest class from the girls at Little Paper Projects  called Love where you live.  It´s only 2 lessons in and I am very excited to see how the class is going to inspire me to create pages about our home. I love the topic as a homebody that loves her home already! To start out I dug into my recent layouts to find the ones I have made about our new home. 

 Story: This page is about how great the move went with great help of wonderful family members. I still love the circles I cut out for the photos! 

Story: If you are a regular reader, you know that one of our most favorite features is the view over the lake. We are still mesmerized whenever we walk into the kitchen.

Story: Our second favorite feature is our back patio. Oh, it is heavenly! 

I wanted to end this post with a fun thing I have in the first Project Life album of the year. When we moved in I took photos of every room when it was empty. Then I made sure to take photos of the rooms all decorated. I have paired them on a spread in the album. I think it is so much fun to look back on!



  1. I love the side by side pictures!! I should have WAY more of these than I do. And that first page with the circles is so fun. What is the bird patterned paper?

    1. Thanks! I'll have to check about the paper, I think it's from a kit. Maybe Cocoa Daisy?


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